I cannot keep any secret from you guys any longer, for those of you who's always asking me on where did I get my most updated outfit from head to toe. This is it. I'm speaking based on my experience, I got hooked on it like I'm on gear. Introducing you thefthing.com, Indonesian based fashion E-commerce that does not only include Local products but also they curate overseas items like Adidas, Off-white which is my favourite street wear at all times and any Hypebeast collection you can imagine. 

I absolutely adore online stores that include handling fees as well as taxes import duties (somehow you gotta be loyal to your country ya know what I mean), I found that it is hard to manage or even calculate your own country hefty taxes duties while you get excited on your recently purchase, ya know. 

Their product varies from high street, street wear, feminine vibe or anything you want to be thefthing.com does not limit you from keep on clicking the cart button and make repeat purchase every time you visit their online store. Most conveniently they recently launch an app dedicated to consumer who got hooked on their phone 24 hrs a day. Me personally do not mind all that, I love to browse their website via my personal computer. 

I'm going to spill the T on this because thefthing.com anniversary is getting closer ! thefthing.com 2nd Anniversary #TheFThingTurns2  currently having a huge giveaway with a fabulous grand prize which are two units of Genio Motorcycle for two top spender along this September month and not to forget their 500K daily voucher to win. The winner will be announced in October 2019. 
My advice is.... don't you want waste any time! be stylish while you can have the chance to ride this cool Motorbike that match your persona. 

To keep up with the latest lifestyle news, fashion info or fun trivia. Thefthing.com does have it's very own online magazine to keep you busy waiting for your dates who'll never show up. 

Do not believe me ? it's your call! be right back binge shopping at the coolest Indonesian online stores, do check out their Instagram at @thefthingworld  to find out more about it. 

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