From eyes to Seoul - Pt. 1

Probably my reader know me well that I am the queen of a last minute deal. So does this Korea trip that me and Shanka has planned for about a month in prior however we made various adjustment for our trip and Visa requirement a week before we actually go.

Once, our Visa has been sorted it leaves us with the airplane ticket and hotel.  Lucky us, we definitely thought that the airplane ticket will cost an arm and leg, but! Singapore Airlines pleasantly offered us a nifty deal which actually fit in our tight budget. Imagine that with Rp 5000.000 or $560-ish we get to fly with the best airline that human could've offered back and forth. The hotel hunting was a little bit tricky I must say since I DON'T KNOW S***T about KOREA, except for the fact that my sugar daddy Won Bin lives in Korea. Anyway, after I googled "Best tourist place to stay" from there comes various options to stay such as Myeong Dong, Hong Dae etc. I decided to stay in Myeong Dong, Days Inn. In despite of its tourist overflow, it's location is strategic plus I could always go downstairs to buy some food and do last minute shopping.

Moving on to these picture, I just realised that i did not take picture at Myeong Dong until the last day. I skip my timeline to the day that I went to Hong Dae (the hipster place of Korea) or known as the Korean Bricklane market. During the day it has already overwhelmed by the sound of music from the street artist and the food stalls smells intoxicate me. I rush over to look around, took pictures Oh, and the fact that Shanka almost got hit by a motorcycle shows how dangerous Hong Dae road is so Be careful y'all when crossing the street! 

This is not a girl standing on the roof f.y.i

After I felt I've done enough of shopping (whereas I never will sick of it) I took a bite of a yogurt milk ice cream that is OH SO GOOD. Why didn't I took a picture of it. So, I didn't explore much of this area since it was only me and Shanka and we both are very afraid of not knowing how to get back to the station without companion so we call it a day. 

(Aesthetic Pleasure Dress | H&M sweater | Forever 21 choker | Mansur Gavriel Bucket bag)

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5 Responses to “From eyes to Seoul - Pt. 1”

  1. youre a freakin princess. Makes me wanna visit Korea :)

    Looking fabulous as always, you doll.

    Christine Adel's Blog

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  2. kerennnya kakak <333

  3. 5 million to Korea with Singapore Airlines? You're so lucky to get that offer!


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