Introducing: LAVISH GOTH

Don't you agree if your mood does play a role in your current style? So does mine. Being all dark and edgy will always be part of my styling element but what if I want to look more sophisticated in a goth way? 

No not Rei Kawakubo or Rick Owens dark but more like my kind of dark... (I don't know if that even make sense) but you'll get the idea of my styling from time to time. The truth is there's another factor that force me to re-direct my styling which is THE AVAILABILITY OF THE CLOTHES. YES, I know it's super hard to find a good cut with a good style of my size back in Jakarta and I happen to owns my cult store which is Wondaland (We sell edgy stuff yo!) so it's pretty easy for me to get Harajuku-esque style of clothes. 

I got into deep thought on where people find me more attractive and voila! they love me Lavish Goth style. Therefore I now pursue and try to elaborate more of this kind of styling. Just wait and see!

Some of you asking about where I usually shop for an edgy clothes that serves plus size. The answer is NONE, I shop at random store that you can't even imagine. Jokes, lately I bought my stuff in Jakarta from TheGoodsDept ( I LOVE LOCAL BRAND OMG), (I forgot how many 'bo' but surely just click the link I gave ya), XSML and some website such as etsy, ebay and I even randomly describe what I'm looking for into google image (e.g 'nice seapunk neon dress with dolphin buy' always add buy!). So that's it I hope it ease your curiosity. 

Btw this shoots below taken in Singapore, I was on vacay cay... 

(Aesthetic Pleasure Kimono Wrap | Zara Bottom Ripped denim | Forever21 sandals | ProenzaSchouler 13)

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5 Responses to “Introducing: LAVISH GOTH”

  1. girl you look so stylish and cool
    my mood play a role in my styling sometimes.
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  2. annissaaaaaaa...makin hari makin ketjeh yaaaah:))

    Keep in touch from Borneo, Indonesia
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