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Many strange things I've felt on these couples of day, some leaves me questioned like why that topic has to be brought in. Last few week I had a brief stage interview with Swagescape at Grand Indonesia along with other 10 gorgeous ladies about fashion insider. For the record, I wore the coolest outfit (from my perspective) to the event, done my make up where my face still itching because of my brand new face peeler. I'm waiting patiently for my turn to get up on stage and rambling about non sense things that's what I thought at first. So when our time has finally come, we get up on stage and the interviewer lady (God! I forgot her name) started with the basic question of "introduce yourself".

I did, humorously as usual. Basically there's not a single questions that I've answered in an appropriate manner because I thought, hey this is too intense for something that meant to be fun. Except for this one particular question that leaves half of my identity starting to lose its balance.

As you guys witness and I hope you all realise, I've been into dark stuff and culture all of my life. Although, I sometimes wear a chic purple skirt doesn't mean that my heart as flowery as it is on the outside. I begin adopting the fully dark monochrome style since the beginning of January from what I recall. HOWEVER, i defined my style carefully not just any random monochrome style but a gothic style one. Mine is a fusion between health goth towards kawaii goth. I used to love sleek style but no offense, they're everywhere these days. Anyone could look good simply with a white t-shirt and black khakis but that's not what I mean.

I'm seriously madly offended by that time, where the Interviewer asked me about my personal preference in terms of fashion. I answered, yeah I'm into dark stuff I majorly wear monochrome lately. She said "Oh, yes! I know!" and I thought oh really she does? until the next sentences came up and said "like those hits Instagrammers style nowadays ya". I stunned... I didn't have enough appetite to continue on babbling. Like STAPH assuming things that you don't understand dear society. When I get back home I'm starting to questioned my identity and asked "am I part of the bandwagon or do I not. 

After looking through many options of my own answer, for me now the way I dress is part of my condolence to poorly ignorant society. Don't be a social media fascist! please! expand your knowledge more, try to look up instead of looking at your front all the time. There's more to what you think you may know. 

Now back to my latest shoots thanks a lot Tasha for helping me out, taken in Salihara art community.

(Bernstock Speirs Beanie | Asos kimono | Penshoppe shirt | Witch world wide earings | Moschino belt | Givenchy bag | Asos dungaree | Dollskill shoes )

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9 Responses to “Weirdoe club”

  1. Ugh. I've got enough of the monochromatic looks that people deem to be "fashionable".
    You know when we have lived in London for a few years, then we come back home, and most things here feels so overrated. Don't you think?
    That is one cool outfit btw, love the dungaree! I bet you're getting a lot of stares but you don't care. You go girl!

  2. Wow! Those shoes <3

  3. well to be fair, there are a lot of b/w outfit lovers out there!
    I do, however, think your style is more unique than the usual b/w outfit :)

    plus, I don't think there's anything wrong wearing what other people are wearing. I personally like bloggers whose outfits I can relate to and that I can recreate! :)

    just a penny of my thought

    The Sweetest Escape 

  4. HAHAHAHAH WANJERRRR! pantes muke lu asem bgt kyk kunyit pas di interview. anjir gw ngakak bgt baca post lo secara gw ga sadar2 amat doi ngmg gt.
    tp tenang kok nis, di hati aku kamu itu unik. cuma satu, dan hanyalah satu-satunya dihatiku.

    mati gak lu

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  6. lumayan



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