The extraterrestrial dungeon

Lately I got caught up by endless work for my new internship opportunity in REIN London, thus leaves me no choice to semi-abandoned my blog without having any single new photo shoot to be published. I know my bad, same old reason of me neglecting my precious virtual diary but the good news is I'VE GRADUATED !! I've successfully conquered Bsc in Business Management with satisfactory result of 2:1 honour. Not to shabby for someone who loves to procrastinate. Therefore I thought, why don't I take a break and get back to what I love to do the most just for a while. 

9 in the morning, whilst I immersed myself to the recently discovered track that I found on Soundcloud, Muhammad and Suzanne called me and asked me if I want to do another photo shoot with them. My parched throat disabled me to speak for more than 3 minutes long so I said "I'll have a look at a cool spot". After a couples of minute browsing the top London Instagramers, I found Crossrail trail park at One Canada in Canary Wharf. Basically it's the quite version of Sky Garden which I've visited too if you've seen my Instagram post. We decided to explore Canary Wharf further in despite of me and Muhammad having to "fast" during Ramadhan time. 

Once I've set on my foot in Canary Wharf, the London images that I know suddenly changed. White collars are basically everywhere it is so internationalised that the Starbucks bartender could speak more than two languages. Still caught up by the atmosphere, we decided to head down to One Canada which is our main goal. 

and here's a few photoshoots that Muhammad and Suzanne help me to take as they're my humble and loyal photographer I honoured them their face on my blog once in a while. 

I love how it looked so extraterrestrial it's as if I'm on Star Trek spaceship. I've match my top with the background having to researched about the place before I decide what to wear. 

(Asos stripe top | Vintage shirt | Monki iridescent skirt | Thrifted biker vest | Jeffrey Campbell shoes | Alexander Wang bag | Cheap Monday necklace) 

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5 Responses to “The extraterrestrial dungeon ”

  1. Kece beuds kak! I envy you for that biker vest kenapa thrifted aaaa :(((

    (new post:)

  3. Nice place :)

    GIVEAWAY on my French blog: SUMMER DRESS

    Bisous :)

  4. Buk Anis !! congratulation for get interenship and graduated nyah !!! btw why iyou look so great in every post sih kan aku envy *zebel

  5. wooohooo selalu keceee <3


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