Having me being so devastated about the tragic lost of my hard disk I suspend my blog posting for almost 2 weeks now. Yes, foolish of me for not having to back up my data on before hand although it really is crucial. However, I manage to retrieve some of it especially the fabulous road trip that I had last time.

Moving on to my next destination which is St. Michael Mount located in Cornwall. Boy I did not know that UK has it's own 'Laputa'. Basically it's an island with a proximately 20-30 inhabitant who lives there and on top of the peak there's a castle who was belong to a Baron. The place is oh so surreal it makes me want to explore it's very detail thoroughly but sadly stupid wind hurdle won't let me get passed through the island. So i end up taking a loads of picture with the available white space and a peek of the island.

(Asos cropped baseball outer | Asos trench coat | H&M dress | Zara boots | Dianne Von Furstenberg sunglasses)

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