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Pardon the unfriendly smirk of mine, this is the effect of not having any sleep since I was too scared to missed my early morning flight. Lesson learned, I will never ever take morning flight AGAIN. Choosing Nice as the destination for our easter trip wasn't a difficult task, I've overly familiarize myself with the area thus makes it easier to go around. Besides! I couldn't get enough of the deep pearly sea that Nice has to offer, quite a bedazzling experience I must say. 

Moving on to the first day of my trip, which is of course to go around Nice area while I'm trying to recall my memory on any interesting places that my mates should see. Lack of sleep has made my head spinning and exhausted quickly so we all decided to not go overboard with the roundabouts and save our energy for tomorrow instead. A few of this shoots has been taken place on the sea shore and Acropolis. Since my monochrome outfit made a really good contrast with the glowing sea, decided to wear my brand new Co-ords (in black color obvs) and pair it with my YSL shirt since apparently that's the way they do it to make it look more preppy. Not to forget, my posh buckle belt that I got from Bond Hardware made my whole outfit popped!. That's it enjoy the view. 

(Asos co-ord top and short | Asos jacket | Yves Saint Laurent shirt | Asos fedora | Givency Nightingale bag | Opening Ceremony shoes | Bond Hardware necklace)

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2 Responses to “Back to Nice ”

  1. Aaa foto-fotonya selalu kece abis! Love your jacket :)

  2. Omg can you stop being so cool<3<3<3 Suka bgt semua foto dan outfitnya! Ngefans<3


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