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Finally catching up with the continuation of my previous trip to Nice, the second day of our trip wasn't really a tough decision to come up with visiting Monaco as it is a mandatory to visit the land of casino. Our team decided to commence the journey by riding the public bus to catch up with the marvelous sea side view from the cliff. Once we arrived in Monaco, we lingered for couples of hours in the heart of Monaco which is Monte Carlo, to be exact the Monte Carlo Casino. Could only dream (for now, who knows) to be able to claim one of those exotic cars as my own. Right behind the Monte Carlo Casino, there's a public rooftop park where you could see the sea side view clearly and took an astounding picture like mine. Our mini adventure ends approximately at 6 in the evening and we made the journey back home via national rail service.

Talk about my outfit, I believe I'm on the culture of neck coverage if you notice. Initially planning to wear and ol' plain turtle neck and found out that I have one of this grand-dad collar shirt that I got a while back from Asos. Oh you know, grand-dad collar made a great statement when you paired with robe as an outer. Very posh indeed, but the wind breeze still leaves me shivering, that's the reason that I threw my parachute hi-shine bomber jacket from Asos White. I realized up until I got into the airplane that I brought the wrong color of sunglasses (the pain of owning too many of them). Initially my John Lenon oval sunglasses could rock this look, but end up looking like Robert Downey Jr instead. Well, ain't that bad, and probably this series were my most favourited among other series. Why? it's because of blue hue of course.

(Asos White bomber jacket | Asos grand-dad collar shirt | H&M robe | Asos trousers | Adidas X Opening Ceremony sneakers)

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  1. take me to monacooooo <3 <3
    enakkk nyaaaaaa ...

  2. the photos look sick<3 love your outfit! followed you on gfc, stay in touch! :)


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