Land in Milano

With my very last monthly budget that I have and one random night, me and my colleague decided to spend the last dime on a brief trip to Milan. After not having to shop in an actual shop for so long, think this trip might be worth a shot. Suzanne enlightened me with her previous trip to Milan and droll us with her story of the branded bargain goods that has been scattered everywhere in Milan. Praying that we could have a great deal on flight and hotel, after one hour of browsing on the cheap deal pages, god answer our prayer. We booked it on the spot and sleep through the night thinking how the second capital of fashion would look like in real life. 

Waking up at 3AM in the morning was difficult, but the thoughts of walking along the european Beverly Hills awaken me from my deepest sleep. Once I set off my foot outside of my front porch, I knew that this trip is going to happen. By having an online checked-in last night, there is no need for me to take the long queue and I simply dropped my 11kg worth of luggage in the counter. Whistling joyfully while waiting for the gate to open, I sat down and rest my head for a while thinking of I didn't get enough sleep last night. Flight attendant serves us to enter the airplane soundly, no rushing needed since there wasn't many people on the board. 

Time indicating 11AM, finally I land in the most ravishing fashion district that I've known. We checked in to hotel Canada situated just a mere 10 minutes walk from Duomo. Once everything settled we decided to start our adventure right away. First stop of course! the local pizza parlour to taste the amazing Parmagiano cheese and I admit I'm  not a big fan of pizza but heck! I swear it's freakishly delightful. Not too far from the pizza parlour there we see the famous Piazza Del Duomo, such a majestic architecture that leaves me gasping all over. Next destination was of course all of the factory outlet like Il Savagente, Dmagazine outlet and so on, didn't get anything from those shop I decided to conserve my money wisely for the next big thing I want. 

Milan starting to gloom, it's 4PM in the evening. We decided to call of our outlet adventure to rest and visit Gallerie Vittorio Emanuele II the home of high class brand. Gathering all of my unused coins, i decided to chill and let the blood flows normally back to my leg at Gucci cafe. After a few sips of hot chocolate the hunger strikes me and follow up by having a ratherly fancy dinner nearby. 
We call it off for the day and head back to our hotel for tomorrow's flight. Milan surely is memorable!

(Asos White collar dress | H&M blazer | H&M wool outer | Asos faux leather short | Devilish666 collar harness  | Asos hat | Chloe paraty | Balenciaga boots)

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  1. you are damn amazing! <3 <3 <3

    Mr. Rebel in Town


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