Nothing but Nice

Bad time management leaves me with no choice to neglect my blog posting temporarily, but I managed to get back on track with the second update of my wonderful winter escape trip to Nice, France. Did not get a chance to explore Nice on the first day so decided to do mini sightseeing on the next day instead. Nice itself is a pretty packed city and easy to explore so 5 hours round about was more than enough. First place that we've visited once we stepped out of the hotel was the beach! yes! although I wandered all alone every night didn't really get a good look on how beautiful it is during the day. 

After doing all the possible pose with every possible angle, we've called it off and set on our foot to the next destination which is the corner of Promenade des Anglais to see the sea shore from above. Before we even reach the destination, I was tempted to stroll around the small market nearby and end up buying many aromatic goodies like soaps and lavender. Once we reached the elevator that lifts us up and down the hill to see the amazing panoramic view, next destination was Rue de Liberte where shoppers find its paradise, thought I didn't get anything but atleast I could get to see Galleries Lafayette after a long time. Almost time for our flight we decided to go back and pack everything up, I leave France and Monaco with a heavy heart. 

Still in my Monochrome mood, unpurposely made a good contrast with the all blue background with my all black outfit. Adding my body harness to create a dramatic impact plus the wind blew my drape coat flawlessly. Touche! 

(Asos long trench coat | Devilish666 Harness | Asos sweatshirt | UNIF bomber jacket | Asos faux leather jacket | Gogo Philips necklace | Zara boots )

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