The edge of the new era

Slow internet at home leaves me devastated and decided to postponed my blogpost up until now. Feels great to be back here in London which makes a constant reminder for me that my final year is due in 2015. I did not prepare myself to step further and the fact that I most likely enjoy being a student. The reason that I want to start compiling my monochrome look in the early 2015 is that I'm intrigued by all things hardware and I guess it suits my outer appearance much (not that I'm a gloomy person) but this past year an unfortunate event befalls me in which I express the sadness throughout a mourning resemblance outfit. I've been fascinated by 'bondage' look since ever, but I'm pursuing my interest further here in the UK since it's so much easier to get everything that I desire. So currently my collection has been stacked enough for me to do more dark outfit collage. Here's the first 2015 monochrome look. 

(Asos neoprene crop top | Asos Tabard | Bond hardware statement necklace | Asos biker Jacket | Asos trousers | Zara buckle boots)

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  1. Realizing you're finishing school is a scary thought. I remember I was going through advisement, and I realized I could be done a year early if all the classes I needed were offered every semester (small school problems). But I am a big believer in things will work out for the best in the end. I wish you good luck with that. I love the interest you've created in this outfit with the texture and "bondage" as you call it :)

    Theatricality by Mariah

  2. so good luck !!

  3. dududuh, a strike posing on the wall is my fav of all
    anyway, good luck for your last term in Uni <3

    Mr. Rebel in Town


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