Old English

I didn't get enough sleep, lack of tranquility on my resting diet has made me fallen to sickness from this past two weeks. Work loads seems endless to me and my only escape is Saturday tho bunch of my peeps were in the same situations as mine. Live as a third year bachelor student sure is uneasy but got to enjoy my last year of being a student joyfully. I decided to do a few snap nearby Tottenham Court Road and glad that I found a new playground to do some shoot inside of it. Still in my black and white mood and I will never get tired of leather on leather compilation. To add an edge, I casually strap on my body harness that I got from Devilish666. I guess I just have to stop my obsession with buckle and leather from this point onwards *unwillingly surrender*. 

A little bonus for you guys who willingly to spend 2 minutes of their lives reading my post, here's my top online shopping catalogue. Basically where I spend my ££ and get the goods that i rarely use and also most of the listed stores are inspired by Japanese rave/seapunk culture. Not suitable for a faint hearted *jk.

Enjoy Shopping xx

(H&M Mesh top | Asos grandad collar shirt | Asos leather culottes | Thrifted biker jacket | Zara biker boots | Devilish666 Body Harness)

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6 Responses to “Old English”

  1. awesome outfit! very interesting. you look rad. x

  2. super Rad rad Rad

    will check them out fo sho
    Im not that faint hearted wink wink


  3. So cool! I love your modeling :) Unfortunately, I'm trying to cut back spending on clothes. I have so many! Especially now right after Christmas.

    Theatricality by Mariah

  4. Hi, nisa! Just catching up with some cool posts that I missed from you(not only for my thesis, lol). Anyway, don't you think it will be cool of you give your Indonesian reader some hints about your favorite place to shop in Indonesia?

    Anyway, love your kicking pose ;)


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