Century Girl

Cold feet awakened me from my deepest sleep, as the ray shone through my cheap window-shield I realize that it's time for me to get up and start my day. I flicked my Macbook screen and find out that i have been browsing Theophilus London latest album "Vibe", I have been an avid fan of his work for 4 years and yet still going strong until now. For say, he's the first musician who influence my addiction towards new wave hiphop genre. Glad that he deserves widely recognition among music lovers from his collaboration with Kanye West.

Feels like a part of me grows from time where he was just another underground musician back in the days. I spin 'Century girl' through iTunes on my laptop as I plugged in my subwoofer to maximise the tune impact. Suddenly my mind goes on a field trip, it was Kuala Lumpur that I had on my mind. 

I remember where I used to play this tune late night in a car gazing at the tinted window enjoying the highway ride. Back in Kuala Lumpur, riding the monorail train was special for me as I could only get the chance to ride it with company (due to safety reason). This photoshoot was inspired by my nostalgic thought of Batang Benar station although I have been on the actual train once in my entire 5 years college journey but the vivid image of it still linger on my mind. Credit to Christine for the fabulous pictures!

(H&M Polkadot jumper | H&M knit sweater | Asos snood | Calvin Klein shirt | Lazy Oaf backpack | Asos faux leather short | Aldo spiked loafer)

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4 Responses to “Century Girl”

  1. well well i didnt know that u like TheOphilus London.. now i learn something more about you wink wink!

    love the edits on these doll! <3

    We owned that station

  2. Cute outfit! <3


  3. I love polka dots is style with black, that music is nice and your lipstick is so calling,besides you have a lovely blog.
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