Travel back to the 80's

Back to proper photo shoot posting although the weather was obnoxious and the sunshine was improbable but at least I manage to get a few nippy shoot in the majestic Trinity Buoy Wharf at Canning Town. When I’m on the edge of despair not knowing where to shoot next and thought I almost end up taking my series at Shoreditch again for the gazillion times, a friend of mine proposed to visit the Container City. Fundamentally, like what its name have mentioned, the whole building in the area was made by no other than shipping containers.  The strong 80’s vibe that you’ll feel when you stepped in intensified when you see a trailer truck transformed into a Diner complete with the whole set of griller and jazzy swing music of course! The food? Out of this world. Almost time for our outdoor shoot but first I’ve asked a permission from the management to do indoor shoot featuring the 80’s decoration that fit my entire outfit.

I purposely match my outfit with the backdrop that I’ve previously researched. I found out that I own this extra ridiculous yet edgy piece of hat from Bitsch Kitsch London that I ought to wear it somehow! Creating a red hue aren’t as easy as I thought remembering almost 60 Per cent of things that I owns are mostly black and white. Good thing my Goofie cardigan won’t leave me sulking and I immediately pair it up with my recent purchase Lazy Oafs shirt. All things goes well and I’m ending up my day by riding the Emirates Cablecar to catch the good glimpse of sunset behind the O2 Arena.

(Bitsch Kitsch baby hat | Lazy Oaf shirt | Asos vest | Vintage Goofie cardigan | Le Specs X Henry Holland shades | Asos Neoprene trouser | Y.R.U shoes (gifted) )

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8 Responses to “Travel back to the 80's ”

  1. aaa anissa this is too cool. love the baby hat!


  2. Loveeee the cardigan! And that hat is cool!

  3. It's beyond amazing!!!!!
    if you have a plan to open a fanbase i would be the first one who register myself as your fan!
    don't ever try to wear the hat in front of me yeesss
    i'll steal your hat!!! hahaha

    let's do a photo session in Jakarta :D

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  4. omg kak!!! your baby hat is amazing!! and i love your cardigan also kak, great look!!

  5. SOOOO COOOOLLL… Probably one of my fave posts of yours! The outfit and the backdrop just synced perfectly! 110 <-- that's the score! Haha ;D

    Adeline Yang

  6. MY GOD.
    I just love you more and moreeee. Kapan pulang? Gue ga bisa ya minta semua barang lo? <3
    The cap just too awwesssssome.



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