Lets sleep in Paris

Struck by the misfortunate event of flight cancellation leaves me no choice to move my departure date to Paris after getting all excited and hyped about it. However the particular airlines dealt with the situation professionally so I have nothing to be complained about. in the 14th of December, me and my two companions including my sister and Christine Adel woke up at 4 in order to catch up our early flight to Paris. Severe delays occur due to fog, nonetheless everything went smoothly until we land. Time indicating a quarter past 11, rushing to get our luggage and heading towards the Tour Eiffel where our temporary resting place is located. 

Since everything moved one day after my real departure date, all of my plan that I've written in my brand new Smythson Panama moved forward. Like I've mentioned before I'm a very conservative and traditional when it comes to planning. I choose to write all of my plan trip inside a notebook and Smythson Panama notebook suits the idea of being my personal travel journal. Hey! I can't help to have it since I'm the biggest London brand supporter and not only Smythson journal being the leading product but Smythson carries different kind of leather accessories such as clutch which I'm drooling to have. likewise it looks stunning yet unique perfect for fashion holic on the move like me who prefer traveling in style. 

Back to the topic! So we decided to make Disneyland our first stop in Paris. I did not clearly think of any outfits that will suits this 'magical place' so I picked the brightest color (among my monochrome) and wrapped it up all in one. I underestimate Paris, thought being a Londoners means you used to  the damped weather but the fact that when Disneyland hits the temperature of 1 degree celsius, I lose my mind. I rode all of the extreme coasters that leaves my head spinning and snorting throughout the journey. 
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Christine dearest acquaintance named Francois warned us about our reckless behaviour of flashing gadget in a risque public places like Metro. I did know a little information about how dodgy Paris is ( no offense Parisienne! I still freaking love you guys) so instead of flashing my mobile phone swinging it around inviting any misfortunate event, I jot down every single journey that I'll be taking into my leather Smythson Panama notebook. Little information, you can personalized your notebook like mine that says 'Follow your dreams' depicting my biggest ambitions to run a fashion magazine. I personally would like to thank my best travel companion Smythson Panama probably without it, all my belongings will be snatched in snap if kept on exposing it. 

Moving on to my first stop which is the Hospital nearby St Michele station where I get to see Paris skyline freely. Second stop is the art street and surprisingly I did not know where it is since I followed my personal tour guide. Third stop is Voila Musee Du Louvre where I can't resist to take a lots of tourist cheesy pictures and of course to peek at the famous Monalisa painting. Fourth stop obviously has to be Trocadero platforms in which I highly disappointed since they did part of construction on the left site and damn it blocks the eiffel views. Lastly ending up doing another cheesy stuff of locking your beloved partners name in the love bridge, unfortunately I'm not married nor being in a relationship yet so I did lock my parents name. The journey to Paris still continue the day after but due to annoying rain I discontinue the photo shoots. That's all folks! hope you enjoy reading this. 

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This post is a sponsored activities by Smythson of Bond Street, London. Reviewed professionally based on  honesty and experience.

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4 Responses to “Lets sleep in Paris”

  1. wowww ka anisa really nice vacation! :O


  2. asyik nya kali ini dibawa jalan-jalan ke Dineyland Paris :D :D :D
    i'm quite surprise seeing you wearing the pinky outfit
    you nailed gurl!

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  3. Heyooo thanks for showing my mental side in your blog sweetheart <3 hahahhahaa

    wonderful trip!!

  4. If stealing was legal, I probably will rob your clothes instead of your phone lol. Happy holiday!



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