The Hymn of Seven Sisters

I woke up early that day for this special occasion unlike other day. Freshen myself and wore the clothes that I've assembled earlier to avoid the blues. Time indicates 7'0 clock,  heading straight to the nearest station just to get to London Victoria in time. Me and my colleagues was fortunate enough to get a cheap train ticket, although it was quite a hassle to see this beautiful site on the south of England talking about the endless railway maintenance. We managed to get in time before the trains depart for Eastbourne. This is actually the first time for me travelling with companion more than five members, was quite excited to see the results of the most noisiest gank in London travel together. After a few hours we finally touched down in Eastbourne, approximately at 2 past with an empty stomach we get lured by the smells of food that lingers.

Now the real journey begins, after we walked out of the restaurant we decided to take a bus to Seven sisters country park for approximately 15 minutes journey. I thought a good pair of sneaker and light clothing will definitely save me from the winter blues, the hurdle of the wind and light rain that damped my hair leaves me devastated at the moment. Plus, I have no idea that it would be a slight adventurous journey to get to the end of the cliff. The journey that I take starts from the entrance of the seven sisters country park  to the cliff was about 45 minutes. Didn't take the country park's guide advice properly, we took the wrong path. Instead of swooning over the view, we got splashed by the muddy road and got too worked up before seeing the cliff itself. 

Time indicates a quarter past three, worrying sick about how we'd end up taking our pictures after the sunset we run towards the nearest photo stop and took loads of pictures before the sunset. 
OK, stop blabbering about the trip now lets head down to what outfit did I freakin wear in this pre-winter season for this occasion. Overall from head to toe, the highlight of this outfit is my latest backpack that I got from Lucidmoxie depicted the loveliness of Indonesia symbol. It suits and pooped out my monochrome game so people won't get tired about how boring my monochrome play is. Overall, it was a pleasant memory and that I will remember it eternity. 

(Asos biker jacket | Monki shirt | Yves Saint Laurent shirt | Adidas Typo skirt | Opening Ceremony shoes | Lucid Moxie 'Garuda' backpack)

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10 Responses to “The Hymn of Seven Sisters”

  1. amazing pics :)

  2. definition of traveling in style is you!
    aaahh keren banget white bikers jacket nya!
    M-A-U-! :D


    Mr. Rebel in Town

  3. love the backpack, love the view
    love everything... aaaaa....

    visit mine,
    Miss Aa

  4. breathtaking view!! so amazing. and you looks super cool <333


  5. OMG! I love your pics! :D Great! :)

  6. Whoaaa what a beautiful place! Anddd love your white biker jacket! Badass look!

  7. stunning! you definitely just made me include seven sisters in the travelling list! Super duper cool backpack love it


  8. yeay! so happy to read your latest post!. Had so much fun reading this article of yours sweetie! ♥

    New style post on the blog sweetie!

  9. So beautiful!


  10. in love with ur moto jacket <3


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