Gwynedd trip

 As I gazed upon my four-seated window, the spirit of wales lures me to stare outside for a long period of time. My thought came across to the ever-crowded London whether or not it is an actual tourist season, contrasting it with the hauntingly peaceful Gwynedd in Wales. Once I set foot out of the train, the sweet smell of petrichor mixed with the damp temperature tempt me to curl in bed thought once I get to my hotel room. Time indicating 7am in the morning, I rush to get my cold shower to refresh myself from the fatigue that I got from the long journey. My intention is to visit the famous Snowdonia national park and little village call Portmeiron. Alas, I managed my time accordingly I get to visit both the most crucial places in the South of Wales. I have no clue that Beddgelert (where i'm staying) situated just in the heart of Snowdonia although I beat the obvious that my resort was pretty hard to reach unless if I have my own transportation.As I wait for the bus on my way to Portmeiron, I could not help myself to take loads of shoots along the side road of Porthmadog.  Porthmadog is a pretty decent harbour city that looks exactly like Monaco. My thought goes on the set of early 70’s movie dreaming a movie scene that never exists.A little tip for coming around here is to be punctual since the bus only come to town four times daily and the gap in between is pretty huge (like two hours differences). However, Gwynedd sure is beautiful to visit and can't wait to come back for more!

(Asos wool biker coat | H&M Tokyo crop top | Asos peplum shirt | River Island Hi-shine skirt | Garter belt from eBay | Opening Ceremony shoes)


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5 Responses to “Gwynedd trip”

  1. I wish you to be my tour guide in the next future!
    you had such a fun holiday trip!
    and yes, your outfit during holiday is amazing!

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  2. Amazing photo's! Your trip looks incredible!

    Stop by my blog if you have chance! Have a great day!
    -Magenta x

  3. amazing photos kak, and i love your outfit :)


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