Oxford Bound

Back to the usual posting routine, Anisacrament successfully landed in the land of Alice in wonderland which is Oxford. Heck, I did not know that Lewis Caroll spends most of his time in Oxford, pardon my ignorance, but Oxford is as gloomy as Alice in the wonderland story fairly. Before I move on, I just had the best birthday bash up until now and it's all thanks to my adorable, loving friends of mine as well as thanks to my beloved readers who wishes this ol' lady. Moving on! I just got this adorable blue overcoat that I cannot wait to rock it from Christineadel  with moi Asos patched biker jacket and patched denim. Still loving this Alice vibes all over Oxford. 

(Asos patched biker | Topshop denim shirt | Asos duster coat | Asos patch denim | Topshop boots | Kenzo backpack)

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13 Responses to “Oxford Bound”

  1. OMGOMG being the massive fan of Alice that I am,,, your entry drive me mad..as a hatter. keren bgt mazenyaaa EMERGHERD gw mau beli tiket k oxfordd!

    AND ngawww sooo so glad that you seem to like that dustercoat <3 you most certainly rock it


  2. is that rafaela deandra? dea looks normal in this picture hahaha. 2 awesome bloggers at one frame <3


  3. You look stunning..this combiantion of those colors are just exciting to see. Love blue and love jeans, awesome look!
    lovely blog

    wanna follow each other?

  4. Awesome outfit, I love the pop of bright blue :)

    The Belle Narrative

  5. the queen of layering in wonderland!
    happy birthday again my fav 'super' cool girl! <3

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  6. That patches denim...is too cool<333
    Wonderful place, i'd like to visit it sometime:(

    Adventure of P-Chaaaan!!

  7. Just found out about your blog and totally in love with your style! Amazing photos as well and I really like your blog's logo!

    Deasy Tantra

  8. gosh the place looks really superb! nice layering on your clothes.
    loving that blue coat.

    The Style Rebellion

  9. Beautiful placee *speechless
    and like ur jacket :)


  10. Aaahh I always love everything in you, kak nisaa :)


  11. i like the flower / plants ... i think yu shoud tell us what kind of plants are there in your picture ..
    .. *nice photograph

    simpati internet mania | jas hujan


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