Dalston Junction

Blessed to spend the weekend with a beautiful acquaintance of mine on a peaceful garden build by the community in Dalston Junction, East London. The tranquil feel once I set my foot inside is unbelievably true for a garden in a middle of a big city center. The garden itself hyped with a little cafĂ© where visitors could choose to lounge in and dine or just came to enjoy the bliss. Lots of arts craft hanged by the wall and they even provide visitors with a small bunk meant for art crafting solely. I thought to myself this is probably the closest thing I ever get to Woodstock, imagining all the hippies and hipster side-by-side serenading to Buffalo Springfield. I can’t resist myself to take loads of picture in the garden and patiently waiting for someone to get out of the colorful tapestry wall sofa lounge just to pose surround it.

Time indicate a quarter past five, we decided to get out of the tranquil vibe and head back to the busy streets. While we stroll along the sidewalk, a friend of mine suggested taking several series of pictures in front of the 50’s cinema located in Dalston Kingsland called Rio. Pretty satisfied with the outcome and I am successfully creating a movie poster looking shoots that pretty much reminded me of Hollywood in the 80’s (though the building was built even way before that). Anyhow, enjoy the shoots!

(Devilish666 Harness | H&M coat | Asos halter neck crop top | Asos pleated skirt | Givenchy nightingale bag | Gogo Philips Necklace | Zara boots | Topshop socks)

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12 Responses to “Dalston Junction”

  1. Love your necklace! And amazing pictures, so many colours :)

    x vonyll

  2. ui kece bener! sorry i missed out on this it seems like loads of fun!what a killer harness gurl <3



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  4. your photos are always giving a superb result! <3
    that cute pose while sitting in the sofa is my favorite of all
    iiihh pengen banget ke London terus diajak tour sama lo deh Nis!
    those colorful background compliment your amazing monochrome outfit as well

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  5. just saw your blog, love your photos and your look too! need that harness asap :)


  6. omg I love your outfit and the place too! Such a great place! Cool!

  7. Love this as always, layered to the maximum and killing it. You always find the most magical spots x


  8. love this post! the styling is on point!

    New style post on the blog dear!

  9. Great backdrops - both the funky garden oasis and the urban city streets. I love the motif of buckles I see you wearing here - it's even echoed in your pendant necklace. Such a hip, stylish look that really pops against the saturated colors in the background.

    <3 Liz

  10. <3333 amazing pictures !

  11. why so cool ?????? <3333 oh God, i think i'm falling in love with you hahaha <333

    This is real and This is me


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