The Next Episode

For me personally, Chi-town means no other than a market full of Asian groceries sources that appease your yearning of Asian flavors on your daily intake. Nonetheless, I’ve been longing to take a series of picture and beat the odds (despite of looking like an Asian tourist). Chi-town wasn’t just about the market stall, it’s all about the community that lives within and gather every kind of races to embrace the diversity that we had.

This time I was fortunate to feel the moon cake festive in Chi-town, all the lampions and golden ornament reminds me of home (wait, I’m not even Chinese) but you’ll get what I mean somehow if you were happened to be around Asia at moon cake or Chinese New Year season. In order for me to blend in with the hype, I decided to wear something with a hint of red (yeay, more colour palate) and do mash up combination with my latest glorious Kenzo backpack. I intended to look like semi-glam packer that just landed in Beijing, again, I do not know if I nailed this look thoroughly but here it is. My Chi-town photo series.

(Topshop Hat | Asos sweatshirt | Topshop denim shirt | Asos wrapped skirt | Topshop legging | Kenzo bag pack | Aldo spiked shoes)

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10 Responses to “The Next Episode”

  1. Gorgeously saturated colors in these photos! I love your layering and patchwork motifs in this look!

    <3 Liz

  2. such a stunner you! I like your backpack. envy <33

    I am also a fan of your skirt and nice touch with the hat! Looking forward to next photo session gurllll


  3. you have some cool stuff from asos! thanks for visiting my blog, that's so sweet you think that way :) please do visit japan when you get the chance! just followed you on GFC

  4. You look adorbssss kak anisa !


  5. I always adore your photos T___T The one with purple background is so pretty!
    I want your bag anyway xD


  7. it's always fun to see your blogpost!
    your photos between green racks remembering me to serial mr. Bean

    Ani, ayok pulang sini!
    let's hang out again in Indo <3

    Mr. Rebel in Town


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