I had the chance to actually go back to the land of the famous graffiti jungle, Hackney Wicked with my fashion peeps Nathan, Christine and Vivian. This time my photo shots purpose to intensify all the cool spots in Hackney that are improbable and prospectively creative enough for me to actually change my rigid pose into something more playful. I say adieu to my minimalistic monochrome look to blend in with the cheerful colors surround me. I choose to combine different shades of blue into this compilation and clashing all the patterns to create a solid runway street style look. I would love to put my coat back on in order to construct a more dramatic look in this, but fortunately my lump of fat having a disagreement with me since it was too humid to actually do more layering combination. Still wishing the weather gets colder in a good way, my leather jacket screams longing for me to wear them as soon as possible. Whilst, let me stick to simple layering for now on.

(Bernstock Speirs veil beanie | Custom cropped biker jacket | Topshop patched denim shirt | Asos embroider trouser | Topshop biker boots | Alexander Wang bag)

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7 Responses to “GHE-PE-TO FABULOUS”

  1. Nice beanie and Jacket, kak anisa !


  2. Gheto fabbbb!! wowohoo! Thanks for the cheerful wonderful day! looking forward to see more of your layering in the coming winter niss


  3. uh yeah, the most awaited collaboration between super cool London bloggers has finally arrived :D
    you are definitely picking the right color to match with those gorgeous art background!
    I just can't wait to see your layering magic technique soon!!!

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  4. semoga cepet dingin lagi ya kak! supaya bisa layering badai :3
    suka sekali sama sepatunya dan jaketnya >.<

  5. I absolutely love your blog and style!

  6. you're fucking wicked. ps love hackney wick too, especially the crate brewery


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