Hackney Wicked

Thank god for the cooperative weather that allows me to take my series of snapshots and visit the famous hipster hangout place London Hackney. Although it was a complete hassle to travel from west to east, but it's totally worthy when I saw a whole lot of streets were all covered in graffiti gracefully. London Hackney is accessible via London overground transport, simply head over to Hackney Wick station for the famous graffiti jungle and hanging around doing some bar hopping at Hackney Central. My initiative at first was to climb up the famous graffiti rooftop, but there was no sign that I could actually climb it up. Rumor has it I have to wait patiently for someone to open the front gate in order for me to go up. Though, the old pub Lord Napier was satisfying enough to fulfill my artsy desire so I skipped the roof top and proceed the shoots in the Lord Napier pub instead. Finally this time I'm able to show off my Pentagram harness that I got from Devilish666, I love it so much and guess this piece is so versatile I could literally wear everything with it. The weather is starting to cool down I am hundred percent capable of doing any layering that I had in mind so I go wild on my first Fall 2014 post.


(Asos shirt | Asos leather vest | Primark sheer vest | Devilish666 Pentagram harness | Thrifted biker jacket | Tailored made tartan skirt by Avibi | Philip Lim Pashli bag | Topshop boots 

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11 Responses to “Hackney Wicked”

  1. good girl gone wild!
    awesome as always deh
    keren nya pake BANGET!
    the outfit, the spot, the photos, everything!

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  2. Always love your outfit, Kak Anisa :). Hope I can meet you someday!


  3. love the harness! i want it :((


  4. love the harness, the asymmetric skirt and the background!
    great one.


  5. This graffiti is amazing! I'm glad you were able to get pictures there. And I just love this skirt. Really, I just love this whole look.

    Theatricality by Mariah

  6. cool pics! interesting skirt :)

  7. Thanks for the comment! You look amazing, as always. :) This is so punk rock. It reminds me of Vivienne Westwood, especially paired with the graffiti in the background. Definitely an awesome place for pics!

  8. Absolutely stunning! Love your outfit!

    Monica Harmony's Blog

  9. very visually arresting and fun article dear!! me super enjoyed reading it ♥ ♥

    New post on the blog gorgeous!

  10. Cool harness and I like your bag !!! is that navy blue ?



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