Transformation 美しい

I get so fascinated whenever I came across something so bizarre that somehow makes it look extraordinary and outstanding. That’s what I thought to myself when I set my eyes on Yunjung Kim’s DES FLEURS SUR LE NOIR F/W 2014 NUNA collection. The collection inspired by the beauty of night-blooming flower that portrays secret desire and attention of a woman. Feminine and yet sensual silhouettes define NUNA’s looks. Sleek and edgy cutting collection fulfilling her homepage on, from what I observe she manage to use a very innovative materials as the highlight of the collection.  Polyurethane material is one of the examples, this rubber material that has many form are quite popular among new ground-breaking designers replacing the usage of leather. Wet look that the material has gives out a sophisticated-posh look that leather could never get. On one of her Vogue Italy article she mentioned about finding an unconventional material that are interesting and shocking is one of her do lists.

I love bell shaped trousers, I think Yunjung has a remarkable idea of turning this old style into something fresh. Take an example of the skinny leather short that she created this type of style never cross my mind before. Also she paid a lot of attention on details such as crease on the edge of trousers that really reminded my childhood sweatpants or circus era. If only they carry my sizes, that piece will certainly goes into my top ten must have pieces.

The next one would be Methodology collection, this hip brand that established Hong Kong initiated in UK has done a pretty amazing job with their transformation concept. They were inspired by the minimalism and cubism painting, the hardware look on their jewelry design much more reminds me of utilities part. The most interesting part is, the necklace could transform into bracelet or different necklace design up to your imagination. I simply love the idea of leather jewelry, makes it look more edgy and noble at the same time. Methodology took their time carefully to crease the leather to make it pleated.  They've also mentioned "with Methodology, there is no certain way to wear a garment. With its transformable design, and your creativity, various possibilities and styles could be created". Sounds ultimately awesome, eh? I've been eyeing on their cutting-edge design too, I guess I'm a sucker for structured piece of clothing. 

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