The golden state adventure 2

First of all, my sincere apologies for bombarding your blogspot feed with countless pictures of me when i was in the State. Secondly (again), I can't resist to pose in front of this creepy looking window display that turns out to be a natural historical curious seller called Necromance right on the side of Melrose Avenue. Lot's of stuff happening in one day not knowing which one would be the most appropriate orders. Perhaps I could start with the day that I finally discover all three famous shores, oh wait before that eventhough I almost missed the bus tour I manage myself to set my foot on the famous Beverly Hills (where I could possibly reside on 20 years time, yeah right). Moving straight right up to the famous drive called Rodeo, where Julia Roberts got everything she ever dreamt of here (Louis Vuitton suitcase included) and this famous street happened to celebrate the anniversaries of exotic horsepower cars. Back to the most exciting photo stop which are the Malibu, Santa Monica and Venice shores still can't believe I actually buried my toes (although it's burning hot) on those three beautiful ocean side. Santa Monica piers were actually amazing, it reminds me of Brighton but the celebrity version of it. There weren't many things to see on Malibu actually, except for the beautiful resorts and beach view houses that God knows when I could ever afford that. I love  the most it's kind of a dodgy place to stay I've felt that I could spend the rest of my day lingering on the side grass, feel the breeze and eat hot dogs every hours and then. 

Done with the all the photo shoots that I've could've imagined, now finally me and Shanka decided to call the day off BUT. Along the way we happen to pass by the most sophisticated shopping places called Melrose avenue but sadly almost all the shops are closed due to Sunday working hours. Though walking along Melrose was part of my dream that comes true, so I called it set. Can't really explained much about the pictures but feel free to drop by any questions on the comment sections or my

This is my ever favorite song remix from Jarreau Vandal as well as my Los Angeles theme song.

(Your eyes lies Kimono | Primark pineapple shirt | River Island skirt | Rag&Bone bag | River island sandals | Isaac Mizrahi sunglasses ) 

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15 Responses to “The golden state adventure 2”

  1. beautiful outfit *_*


  2. what a colorful set of Anisacrament! <3 <3 <3
    awesome kimono <3
    looks like you had so much fun there!

    waaaa pink's burger!
    aku pernah belajar & bahas tentang tempat itu di kuliah :D

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  3. Love every Picture and your outfit is perfect complimented the scenery down to a T. Its been great seeing your adventures, loved it. Made me feel like I was there with you. :D

  4. I am so jealous of your trip! I wish I could go around the country taking photos. Oh well. I love your yellow kimono. You just look so cute :)

    Theatricality by Mariah

  5. amazing pictures and an even more amazing outfit :-)


  6. wohoowwww always gorjesss ka anisa:)

  7. Aniiiii seru banget, sih!! Btw baju nanasnya pengen gw culik, deh. Kimononya juga!!

  8. you're so cool as always kak, love your bag and hair color ^^

  9. bawa daku jalan jalan juga dong! kok seru sih jalan jalan muluuuu ;''''') suka kimono nya banget!! colong nih~~~~


  10. woww new layout :), juara ya look-nya mau juga ah cari kimonooo hehe

    Herdiana Surachman


  11. ugh you make me want to go back to cali so bad now haha :P i freaking love your outfit! your outfit blends in so well with all the vibrant colors of the environment! :D

  12. nisaa kereeen bangett !!
    love your kimono and sunglassess, perf for summer timeee <3


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