The contemporary

Recently I've visited the famous Saatchi Gallery to look at Rafael Gomezbarros temporary work installation. His Ants works ressemblance from which he installed on the entrance gate of Saatchi gallery makes my bone tingling. What's even more gory about this is he deliberately create a human skull cast to create this ants, how gooly!  
Of course I took this opportunity to create series of photoshoot featuring this gruesome looking art. Oh, and by the way yes! I dyed my hair black recently because I don't know what to do with all my growing roots and roots touch up is much more costly in compare to full head bleaching in London. Well, I was intended to do this sooner or later since I'm into minimale mood and I have no regret or so! 
Moving on to my clothing options, I guess it really is a bad decision for me to wear black and white attire indoor. My camera seems incorporated and leaves me with varies of blurry pictures, what a shame. I wore leather top functioning as a sleeveless top as a vest, I seriously love the layer that it create. The crisp look on my pleated skirt made my look more dramatic and edgy, which of course if you agree with me this time! 

 (Asos cowboy hat | Asos crop shirt | Asos vest | Topshop pleated skirt | Asos shoes | Proenza Schouler 13 bag)

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14 Responses to “The contemporary ”

  1. Yishh uda d upload! <33 You know I adore your gothic doll X minimalistic look!


  2. your last photo is so dramatic!

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  3. that vest is really cool!! love it<333
    aarghhh making me wanna buy vest in thrift shop~~

    *:・゚✧Adventure of P-Chaaaan!!!*:・゚✧

  4. This is definitely a different look for you. I'm not used to you being so minimalist. It's definitely not a bad thing. I love all the artwork you've featured :)

    Theatricality by Mariah

  5. WOWWW!really great artwork :o
    btw, love ur outfit :)

  6. I love everything about this photoshoot! Your outfit is on point and that ant art is beyond creepy in the most appealing way. I think you are one of my favorite bloggers now - I've added you to my blogroll! :)

  7. I love this outfit! it's just so full of creativity :D amazing photos!

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  9. Simply amazing.
    Pictures are beautiful. And you too !
    I love your blog ! X

    | Fashion Blogger |

  10. I love the gallery though the ants are a bit scary, being that big. Anyways, i love the gothic vibe in your outfit and your jacket is <3

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  11. Awesome outfit and super cool pics
    Great work

  12. wow these are really awesome pics :)

  13. Seriously! Can I be you?!? These photos are so incredibly boss, as is your style! I'm now following you on google plus!


  14. super nice gallery.
    but the ants artwork kinda make me goosebumps.
    nice outfit anyway, so rock!


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