Photoshop Tutorial Part 1

I rarely post tutorial stuff or anything besides fashion related BUT however since I received a lot of request from my reader on how to create trippy style picture by using a famous fashion, model or whatever you name it favourite software called photoshop. I sometimes use Coreldraw as well but in this case photoshop would be much more easier to explain rather than Coreldraw. I use Adobe Photoshop CS6 but it'll work on any kind of Photoshop series my guess. Alright enough of me chit chatting and let's get started!

*Turning up some thun thun track*

1. The first thing you want to do in order to create this effect is to choose your picture WISELY or else it'll end up looking like an unfinished ratchet editing. You could choose picture with a full RGB color either that or monochrome picture. I recommend to get a black and white picture to get a maximum result. Tho this picture good enough for this tutorial (xcuse my duck face moment).

2.  Do exactly like dis, unlock the picture by double clicking the tiny picture on the right normally and click OK. Drag your mouse to the tiny bit picture on the right side, click on your right cursor and you'll see something that says 'duplicate layer' click on that shiz. Photoshop is all about Layers, create Layers as many as possible. Before you all get excited it is rather best to keep the original and create two more layers for failure prevention sake!

3. On the first tiny picture on the right double click on that, and you'll see this small table god knows what is it for but the excitement will begin soon when you discovered this small box contain 1000% keys to create a dope effect on photoshop. You will definitely see this little RGB ticking box on Blending options, you'll just need to un-tick the R in RGB. Click OK and leave it aside. 

4. Fourth step is to do the same thing except we all going to do it on the duplicated layer that we did on the second step. So double click the picture and now un-tick the G and B in RGB. Click OK and leave it aside. 

5. After we finished, click on the cursor icon top left and now click the first tiny picture and move your arrow functions key to the left three times. Lastly click on the duplicated layer and move your arrow functions key to the right three times. Well, it depends on how you wanted to style it, I prefer a quite visible cellophane effect but it is all up to you. DONE!

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  1. thanks for sharing this tutorial <3

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  2. This is great tutorial,
    Thanks very much for taking the time
    To put this together.
    Great blog.

  3. wkwkwk sudah kuduga karna banyak yang nanyain hhihi :D


  4. great tutorial kak!! :D

  5. This was a very helpful tutorial.
    I love your styling btw. :) x

  6. great post! I love your blog!*.*
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