Monochrome Cult

Fortunate enough to see these beauties before they both heads up to their home town, soon enough both Michelle and Brigitta will become one of the Londoners goers. Like lots of people say the more the merrier, good to hear that I'll have another company when my old pals are graduating. I adore monochrome lately and been stocking up for more black and white theme materials. I found it fascinating yet edgy whenever I decided to go monochrome tho it will bore people out when I wore all black without any statement piece. Moreover this look will last eternally I guarantee. 

 (Sungei Wang shirt | Topshop velvet skirt | Jeffrey Campbell shoes | Alexander Wang bag | Gifted beanie)

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9 Responses to “Monochrome Cult”

  1. hahhaha I super adore your beanie! <3 soo cute! I agree about monochrome, black and white are both eternal and they belong together


  2. gemees bangett ! you look pretty feminine here and lovely <3

  3. Disamping cewek cewek cute, pose lo berubah jadi cute juga ya Ni hhaha
    See you soooon!!


  4. You are so right! Black and white itu timeless bgt. Great job in styling as usual, deh. Can't wait to see youuu! ><

  5. miss you already nisaa :*
    yuk kapan sgp tripnya <3 hahaha

  6. did you dye your hair again?
    your hair color suit your monochromatic looks
    love it to the moon and back!

    let's meet up this Saturdaaaayyyyy <3

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  7. Loving the shoes!<3



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