Modern Witch

Mid term is coming so does my holiday comes to an end, ought to study hard in order to ace the best score that I could possibly get. Temperatures dropped and less clothes layer I could've compiled, makes my look more simple yet edgy rather heavy as compare to my winter clothes compilation. I'm a big harness fan club tho I wish I would be able to fit on one of those un-customized design that I could easily get in Asos. Instead when I came across Ivory Jar I actually found the perfect harness, which is harness for my head. Well, I count it as one of the edgy head dress but this piece made me look more and more witchy. How I always love Ivory Jar, they tend to give out a surprise gift ! I got a leather choker in exchange of my £80 purchases guess it was worthed after all. I also happen to received my Asos skirt that I totally forgotten that I actually put it on the Asos cart. The subtle design plus old greek style on my skirt inspired me to create some gruesome witch look and neighbor cat seems attracted to my random photoshoot this time. 

(Motel Hoodies | Asos cropped baseball outer | Asos greek skirt | Ivory Jar Headpiece | Buffalo shoes)

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10 Responses to “Modern Witch”

  1. Gawd I adore that skirttt! And the head harness does makes you look more witchy heehee but in a very good way. And that cat is so very suitable with your witchy atmosphere.

    welcome back to UK ;)

  2. always love your photos!


  3. Wuuuufff!
    the effect of that black cat giving you a superb factor!
    yaahh kamu sudah balik ke London? :(
    good luck for your exam yaaa

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  4. GOSH! you look crazey awesome!
    the head harness is superb and adore the skirt so much.
    anyway somehow you look like an innocent witch babe, hahaha.

  5. Anitaaaa gadis london paling ketjeeeeh i miss yu tooo, kmaren jd ga smpet ketemuan lg sblm ciao. hiks. anyway itu rok nya super cetar loh gila mauuuuk T_T


  6. SUPPPPAAA COOLLL !!! daan kita memang tak sempat bersuaa,, ihh cedihh :"""(((

  7. amazing pairs of clothes, you nailed it again!
    good luck for your mid term anyway

  8. The skirt looks amazing on you. You have got an amazing blog here.
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC , Bloglovin
    & Google+? Lemme know!



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