Dirty Laundry

I happen to received a grand opening invitation from Carhartt work in progress this evening, I fondly impressed by the thought of diversifying men's wardrobe here in Jakarta. Meet up with a bunch of fashion blogger that I barely notice or visit, most of them really are friendly tho it wasn't supposed to be a surprise. Neat event, fabulous refreshment plus enjoyable DJ set that keeps me entertain while waiting for the late comers although I do not know why the host bluntly stamped themselves as one of the late comers, how unpleasant. This is my first time of event hoping, once Carhartt event has been settled I drag myself to one of Urban Icon brand. I got myself a handful of bracelet, since I'm a bracelet frantic and where in the world could I get leather bracelet that is cheap. 
Speaking of today's wardrobe I got my skirt tailored directly by AVIBI. Since asymmetrical keeps on making its comeback, I decided to create something unusual and this skirt was inspired by Cheap Monday front drape tartan skirt which somehow any fit girl could not actually fit in one of those. I style ghetto lately, perhaps my ever loving hip-hop trap inspired me to dressed up like one. 

(Karen Millen biker dress | Esprit shirt | AVIBI skirt | Mulberry Alexa bag | Jeffrey Campbell shoes )

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11 Responses to “Dirty Laundry”

  1. I have the same skirt aniiii!! Punya gue warna item tapii hhaha akan ada di upcoming post :p
    Sedih ga bisa ketemu hari ini, weekday sih acaranya :(
    Keren banget lah outfitnya, ftom head to toe!


  2. you are just so chic, it kills! loving the lip color, it suits you really well!!

    x, farah

  3. I love that skirt yesh they are coming back alright :3
    Annddd shoes shoes I am obsessed with your shoes collection

  4. Your vest is sooo awesome! Love it to the max! :))


  5. Miss Ghetto rocking the outfit!
    seems like I'm more curious about your outfit than the collection

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  6. pretty nice blog, following :)

  7. sepatu & rok bikinan Ajeng = dewaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3

  8. This outfit is crazy <3 <3
    I also love hip hop :D


  9. Love love loveeee this outfit! I love your skirt I wish I had one!



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