Premier Amour

Tropical weather really dehydrate both of my hair and soul, I can't complain much since finally I'm able to eat proper meal including breakfast home made. Easter break holiday leaves me no choice but to go back where I belongs since I got a month worth of break. I choose to study during weekdays out and about on the weekend thinking of my examination due on May. Still pretty confuse on which clothes should I wear on this super humid condition also can't believe I caught so many deadly eyes staring at me which in this case I believe it's because my hair condition. It's been a long time since I get that kind of look from passerby, little pissed but good to have Indonesians still keeping traditional values on their hands. Enough for me blabbering my personal thought, I've just found my cropped denim biker that I thrift a while ago on my wardrobe. Still rocking it tho I've expand a little but I just love cropped biker and it's crisp look when you combine it with collar clean shirt. I supposed I go with school girl theme this time, my sister thought I looked like Britney Spears instead (probably because of 'baby one more time' video). Enjoy this series of selfies. 

(Esprit shirt | Thrifted cropped denim jacket | River Island skirt | Alexander Wang bag | UNIF grail platforms)

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11 Responses to “Premier Amour”

  1. Britney is back!
    let's arrange the meet up 'tradition' to welcoming you here

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  2. I learned to just roll with it. Luckily Indonesians are more and more open these days. All that matters is only you and how you feel about your hair, you know I love it :)

    Welcome back to this humid hellholeee!!
    And I would soo steal that shoes from your house

  3. You look cute. Cute bangetttt
    Lets do our traditionnn!! Welcome back baby!


  4. I wish indonesians could be more understanding to colourful hairs though haha, anw enjoy ur holiday :)

  5. ih kak nisa cool abissss.... !! lagi di jakarta yaa kak?? pengen ktemuuu :(

  6. kamuu cute sekalii nisaaa :* happyyy cominghomee sweetheart <3

  7. I am loving the hair! Such a cute outfit as well :)

  8. kaykanya kenal bgt tuh sama tatapan penuh sindiran dari para penjalan kaki ahhaha. biarkan mrk yg ngiri, YOU ROCK, GURRLLL!
    welcome back yaa eniweeeiii! kecenya dibagi doong, ktmuan jg dooooooongsssss



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