The magical Stonehenge

As Dana insisted her self to visit Stonehenge and threatened me that she will visit it by herself, she leave me no choice but to company her. I never got a chance to visit Stonehenge site before although my peers seems really excited to see the magical sun formation indicator for a long time maybe Dana was right, I should go and look at it myself instead googling it everyday.  I dozed off on the train that took me from Waterloo station to Salisbury ( it took approximately one and a half hour), whenever my eyes are opened I stare at the window and gazed upon a lot of antique castle. Foolish of me I did not double check my camera battery so I used my iPhone camera to snap pictures, lesson learned.

My intuition saying that I will possibly get a good deal for the Stonehenge bus tour since I'm a student. sadly there's no such a thing as classifying those adult ticket prices into reasonable categories. My wallet crying, I forcefully handing over £26 just to see and ride the tour bus to Stonehenge from Salisbury station. Though I must say it is quite an incredible sight still I feel awful not to be able to take top-notch pictures from my Canon. The endless windy place leaving me with an awkward pose with super hideous hair that I've previously maintained back at home. 

I got a chance to wear L.I.N.F choker by Liz mine happen to be her collaboration with greedy sassy and I loved it to the max! can't believe that there's a choker that would fit a fat neck of mine, so better grab your today! 

(Thrifted biker jacket, Topshop denim shirt, Asos bleached denim jeans, Topshop ruffle socks, L.I.N.F skull coker X greedy sassy, Rag&Bone bag)

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16 Responses to “The magical Stonehenge”

  1. Hello,there,i do love your pink look,your hair just amazing !!!

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  2. Whoaa, cool pics! in love with your denim shirt! ;)

  3. gile yaa bikers jacket se-kece itu dapetnya thrifted
    everything looks perfect!
    and your bag is so RAD!!!
    i wish i could visit that place like really soon

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  4. falling in love with your hair colour!


  5. ooh such a cool patchwork denim shirt! love that you have so many types of denim on! :D

  6. Your hair is so cool *love* , lovely outfit and the place you went look so amazing! x

  7. Amazing outfit! Love the jacket and jeans. The place looks breathtaking too btw! xx

  8. Hi dear!! I really enjoy your blog, its amazing!!
    Your style is so perfect :)
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  9. the scenery is too beautiful omg.. adore your hair color rlly! dont worry u still looking super fine despite of the strong wind ^^ Biker jacket nya kece sekaliii tapi kalo layering gitu disini panasnyaa ga kuat :'D


  10. love your hair so much!

  11. love your hair color and the trip looks so much fun! I wanna visit Stonehenge too.

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  12. hemmm awesome tobe there....
    funky looks outfit..

    roaming | batu akik


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