I'm quite obsessed with hat nowadays, call it fedora or pork pie hat I begin to start collecting every single one of them. Covering my uneven color (which causing extremely weird patching) on my head perhaps is the reasoning behind that. It sort of toughen your overall look as well I must say and so to speak this hat was given from a lovely friend slash photographer of mine which has been kindly listen to my whining almost everyday. Again I've putted some random title, just a short notice that yeah you guessing it right, it's from Bombay Bicycle Club new single. Just gotta dig into their new album and I find almost every pieces of it a masterpiece. 

Moving on from my oddness, I bought this cult sweater from Motel London brand but I just got an awe to wear it now since it looked perfectly match with my leather skirt. Another short notice again, my hair really need to get another job done so I probably have to go pour another tube on top of my head by the end of this week. I seriously hate this patchy coloring, can't really blame my unprofessional hand tho but I defo have to work something out. By the way for those of you who are aware enough or kindly bother to question themselves where I get my hair done.
The answer is... *dramaticdrumming* I did it myself, yes you heard it right. Starts from thrice bleaching process until hair coloring. Im terribly sorry (or not) that I spend most of my allowance on clothes instead of go to bloody expensive salon that could get me one pair of another Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Well, here it is my clothing compilation X new DIY hair. 

Also!! get to know me more on Gogirl magazine February 2014 issues! go grab em ladies and gents!

(Topshop fedora hat, Topshop freedom assorted necklaces, Motel london hoodie, Asos mesh shirt, Asos crop sweater, Topshop leather skirt, Buffalo platform shoes)

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25 Responses to “Luna”

  1. Hi Anisacramenta!!!!
    I like very much leather skirt. Your hat is really special!!
    Eni K.

  2. cc jkt paling kece se london!! <3 <3
    me collecting that kind of hat too!!
    see you soon dear :*

  3. cantik! beautiful! belle! supa dupa pretteeeey!

    don't forget to join my first giveaway featuring zalora

  4. Always looking so amazing! That hat is also my favorite as of late! xx

  5. Waaa Ani the "awesome" Indo - British girl
    your PARIS transparent top is my fav
    that floppy hat looks good in your head too

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  6. Wow, you're extremely talented! the color of your hair is just AH-MAZING!!!
    and I already bought GoGirl magz Feb. edition, and you look so awesome!!! :))

  7. adore your hair color kak!! >< considering u did all the process urself, the result is def not bad at all! i bleached and dye my hair myself also lol.
    anyway the motel london hoodie looks so comfy omg, love the whole look as always

  8. Bagus kok rambutnya, sukaa. Patchy patchynya justru bikin lain dari yg lain!! Btw... leather skirtnya mauuu *guling guling kasur*

  9. keceeee kak!
    semuanya head to toe! rambutnya sihhhhh fixxxx bagus parah, jadi kangen rambutkuhh :(

  10. You look really fantastic and unusual! I'm in love with your hair! *o*

    I hope that you follow me on:

    Have a nice day! :)

  11. Ahhnisaaaa, i always love every pieces that u were wearing

  12. cool hair :) aku sudah lihat kamu di gogirl :)

  13. An awesome look. I imagine it must be quite hard to do DIY bleaching on your own hair and it seems that it looks so well done!

    I really like hats too esp those wide brimmed hat that you are wearing which reminds me of the coven inspired looks <3

  14. baru sadar... rmbutnya bo berubahh.. eh cie kece trussss....

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  15. kyaaaa !! animeee girll !! love the whole new look of you ! <3

  16. aaawawawawww rambutnya ga nahan! keyen bgt sih kk bisa cat sendiri hahaha tp ngerti bgt sih betapa mahalnya ngecat rambut diluar negeri hiks. stay kewl sisssss


  17. aaaa suka sama warna rambut nya >.<
    you look sooo cool!


  18. Hi :)
    i just found your blog now, and i really like it :)
    You have gain a new follower hehehe
    i invite you to visit my little corner, i will put here the link
    kisses ♥

  19. ahwsum hair! love your rad shoes and total look <3

    Letters To Juliet

  20. cool outfit!

  21. you're so original and I like your style !!!
    what about follow each other?
    let me know :)
    have a lovely day <3

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