Cosmic Horror 99

Ah so good to be back again here in London thought it's really cold out there but somehow I missed how the wind breeze and send me the chill right down to my spine (probably isn't a good thing) but Jakarta was too warm for my weather liking. New semester starts and hopefully I'm fully prepared for any new task that'll keep me occupied for the next three to five months. My cooperating timetable is one of the big thrill which probably enables me to post loads more stuff. Moving on from blabbering about myself, talk about all those December and January sale. Since obviously I couldn't or wouldn't shop in Jakarta I still got my hands moving browsing through all the sale catalogue from all of the online shopping website that Internet has successfully tempt me to go wild. Here's my first London outfit post! I'm so into checkered or stripe kind of stuff lately, been collecting them all since beginning of this month.
 (Asos Hi-shine leather jacket, Asos crop top, Vintage YSL shirt, Asos checkered skirt, Asos shoes, Alexander Wang bag)

While I was browsing for a stripey clean cut cardigan, I found one that I really like! it was from Redlips brand which I found it on ZALORA. Obviously I'm thrilled since this cardigan seems to fit me (I wish tho) compare to all of those slim fitted cardigan that I've found on high street. On the bright side, ZALORA offers a free shipping for any items with any amounts plus they will charge our bill right after we received the item, what a superb idea I must say. Who doesn't love a free voucher, ZALORA offering a free voucher worth Rp 75.000 for limited time only. I immediately set up my account hoping for the free voucher landed on my front porch. 

Ah, I just remember my ol' adventurous time where I don't know why but I signed up for ZALORA Malaysia as their plus size model, thought I didn't get the job but it was really fun to try on all of their gorgeous clothes and showered with camera flashes. 
Here are the clothes that I droll the most, this is the result of three weeks without any works to do.

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13 Responses to “Cosmic Horror 99”

  1. Layeringnya gokil! As always.
    Belajar yang bener aniii, biar cepet pulang hahaha

  2. wow cool bingiiittss kak anis !!!

  3. super cool pattern mix!

  4. Cool look, I love the combination :))
    anyway, Would you like to follow each other? Let me know, I'll follow back immediatelly ;)) Keep in touch!

  5. Great outfit, I´m really in love with the skirt and the bag ;-)


  6. super cool!!!
    love this look soo much >.<
    btw sayang bgd udah balik, kemarin gak ikutan meet up T.T


  7. This outfit is so perfect! Love the jacket and skirt! xx

  8. Hidup anak kece! *sebenernya gatau mau bilang apalagi, habis kamu kece bgt sih haha* Super super love this stripes and checkered look. Balancenya dapet!!

    Anyway good luck with the new semester. Rajin belajar, ya naak ;)

  9. Ani pulang lagi dong ke Jakarta!
    love this! especially the jacket <3
    next when you come back, you have to dress up like this in Jakarta yaa :*

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  10. always love when you mix and match in your outfit. Black and white, checkered and stripes. Perfect combo ! :)

  11. I really into your photos! love the way you express the ideas.
    so inspiring, nice to know you anyway!

  12. stunning as always. and love the texture of your jacket, and how it gives a contrast to the whole look.


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