Gothic ghetto fabulous

Whilst I'm typing this whole post I got an inspiration title from Cheryl Cole 'Ghetto baby' song. Fortunately I took this shoots around Old Spitalfield market on Liverpool street whereas this place has been famously known the gate of ghetto world (or probably it just me) but it does seem liked it! It's an amazing place where you get a chance to dressed up as crazy as you like without anyone starring oddly. You might notice a few couple of 'punk' wandering around the street and some of them are street styler too. A few minutes walk from Liverpool street station and you could see the famous concert or gig place Shoreditch street, I won't take any risk since rumour said that evening time is even dodgier compare to night time. Obviously because Shoreditch street never sleep, they had a few called it disco, bar or pub along the streets so it's a bit more 'safe' although you can't really walk peacefully without drunk people disturbance.
Anyhow, I managed to get an edgy bomber jacket from men's store located in Bricklane alleyway. London amuse me sometimes, you could get all the student discount you want with just a single valid student card. That's one of the perks for being a UK student I guess or else I'll be broke even before I graduated. Speaking of the market though Spitalfield sells on pretty much everything but nothing seems to interest me and my wallet. To be honest, this vintage market prices are ridiculously high if you compare to both Camden or Portobello (or maybe it's just me). If you fancy some ghetto night, Shoreditch and Bricklane are most definitely your place to hang around. 
I've heard a lot about H&M grand opening in Jakarta, gooly canoly! how many people actually attend it! the luxurious high street brand store turns into sea of people in a jiff. Well, do enjoy it lads I'm not an H&M fan since they rarely introduce my preferences of clothing (I do still shop in H&M sometimes tho). Speaking of H&M i've found this silky stretch almost look like neoprene material shirt with King cobra on it, currently mad with this type of material. 
Ok, I try to look ghetto but turns out to be a little bit gothic. Either way, leather and army print always do making a catchy combination. 

(H&M cobra top, Mark & Spencer high neck, Art Disco army outerwear, River Island faux leather skirt, & other stories wrap leather gloves, Underground creeper, Alexander wang bag, Topshop freedom necklace)

Special thanks to for the lovely article! and also thank you Tasya Simatupang for noticing me in the first place! click here for the full article! Oh, sorry peeps it's in Indonesian language, but you could always turn on you google translate don't ya?

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17 Responses to “Gothic ghetto fabulous”

  1. you make me so envy with your bagg i wantt it <333

  2. omg ini keren maksimuummm ! >.<

  3. I love those gloves! They're so cool! I've been more inspired by grunge lately, and this might inspire my next look. Congrats on the feature by the way :)

  4. totally love this gorgeous look!
    HYPE +1000

  5. LOVE this outfit! You look SOOOO Coool!
    Want to follow each other on blogger?

  6. aaaa cool banget !! itemptnya juga kayaknya asik itu heheh dapet belanjaan apa kamu hehe *iri*

  7. you look awesome <3
    kisses x

  8. ayayayayay aiih kece bgt sih dikauu, i love how you mix that leather gloves with an army jacket <3 supaaah kewlss. iyaa btw h&m opening was insanely crowded! org udh kyk kutu dimana-mana hahaha (dan gw penasaran jd iktan ngantri :p)


  9. Iyaa opening H&M kmrn ramenya kebangetan padahal ga ada diskon tuh haha. Anyway, how could you be so AWESOOOME like this?!! Makin kece deh with the new haircut >< And congratulations on the feature yaa! Fimela gitu loh hihi!

  10. you alwaysss rock

  11. love your camo shirt and creepers! looking gorgeous <3 xx

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