This is my third ultra random blog title, guess I should stop this habit. Now this title came from one of MINKS song which is my favourite at the moment. Fortunate to be out again this time with my lovely twin from another mother ( we both have the same name by the way). Although not much time to be spend but I sure do have a quality time hanging out around the lovely hectic Oxford Circus.
End of semester around the corner and we both thinking of having a little backpacking moment around United Kingdom, clearly is a rare thing for me to do despite all the works that I had and I am too afraid of leaving my comfort zone. So sorry for the past few weeks that I wasn't be able to do a proper blogging, blame on the 4000 words business plan deadline due. Since autumn is round the corner soon, I might as well wear all of my funky clothes at once or else I'll be caught frozen when I wear it during the everlasting cold London. 
Speaking of funky, I've just recently received my custom made leather jacket from Ruby leather. Difficult to find a perfect biker jacket cut that fits me right so I decided to custom made it all the way from Turkey. 100% leather for a mere $67 is not bad at all! though I have to wait for a month but it was worth a wait! 
I do sometimes do leather on leather look, now this outfit is one of the examples from my thousand (exaggeratedly stated) collection of leather on leather look. Guess it'll be cool if I do layer leather on leather but talk about the money that I have to spend for it. It doesn't harm you guys at all to ever try faux leather! PETA will sure do love you. 

(Ruby leather cropped leather biker jacket, H&M Baddest sweater, Thrifted leather skirt, Philip Lim Pashli bag, New Balance shoes)

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34 Responses to “MARGOT”

  1. loving em colorssss. great jacket!

  2. The jacket really is an amazing deal! It's so cool :)

  3. really really love this outfits !! your crop jacket and new balance shoes !! super cool

  4. i really love how u combine that sweatshirt and leather jacket together :) and super love the shoes!!! anyway would u mind checking out my latest post? thank u :) xx

    stunning from head to toe
    as always :D


  6. you always look super cool!! <3
    love everything you wear :D

  7. Loving the look sweetie! Not the usual but it's cool and suits you well! By the way, would you like to follow each other? Let me know, I'll return the love pronto! x

  8. This is such a cool outfit. Love the colors! The jacket and shoes are my favorites xx

  9. ooh such a cool tee :D you are seriously the best at layering!! :)

  10. you look so amazibg as usual!
    love your style!


  11. Belakangan kayaknya lagi suka gaya yg sporty sporty swaggy gitu ya zus Ann hihi looks great on you tho. J'adore mademoiselle jacket!! *kasih cium pake lipstick pink*

  12. Minal aidin wal faidzin ya nis. haha baru loat eid mubarak di london kaya apa kisahnya disana neg?? hehe btw itu leather jacketnya mau !!

  13. lovin your shoes... and the jacket.. and the bag<3
    any ig? lets follow each other :)

  14. amazinggg

  15. Love your leather skirt. Your layering technique in wearing outfit is in another level. Awesomeee!! :)))

  16. gorgeous outfit!

  17. rocking the sporty look! love the tee! :)

    Metallic Paws

  18. aniii saaa
    finally i read your blog after a long time!
    makin kece aja, pengen gue bawa pulang rasanya (lemari sepatu lo) hahaha

    take care, fab!

  19. Keceee <3

  20. i truely love this Outfit,
    the shoes are cool i adore their Color

    want to follow each other? i will defiently follow back

    my blog:

  21. so stylish you!

    if u want follow each other?

  22. Hi, dear!

    You look beautiful, as always!

    What do you think about my pictures from vacation?

    Kiss, Kiss, Kisses!♥

  23. halloo from jakarta..
    super awesome jacket!! love the color too :)
    wanna follow each other?♥

  24. Hem, no way! Your new balance has such a beautiful color.
    I was searching this color though sadly i couldnt find it.
    I ended buying the green color one.

    Neon Attract

  25. Super love your jacket mix with the top <3

    Chic Swank

  26. Amazing photos! This outfit looks great on you :)

    Would you like to follow each other love?


  27. Nice pics! I have just discovered your blog and its really nice ¿Do you want to follow each other?
    Im starting to post assiduously and I would love to know your opinion, this is mine:

    Best Regards,

  28. love your style n your bag *so envy with your bag*

  29. I want your shoes so bad... my fav color >_<



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