Casual Culottes on 24 degrees

How's summer treating you ladies and lads? summer has been the greatest (not) season ever! When all of them said "not to worry love, it'll be a lovely one week summer" and the result? it's been two weeks three days of summer plus I'm in a fasting condition. I can't barely walk to class and casually dragging my arses of from my bed. I really do miss typical asian weather, you don't have to worry about whether the temperatures are about to flunk or rises. I physically not a fit person at all ( well, despite of my gigantic body) I tend to get a nosebleed when the sun dazzlingly shining upon my head. Not cool at all.

Speaking of summer it identically refer to a sleeveless top trend. Honestly I have a horrible paranoia on sleeveless, you can't ever make me wear one unless I've done my arm surgery in Korea. I know I've seen a lot of curvy blogger wearing a sleeveless this and sleveless that but it's just a big no for me. Though probably it's a religious matter of my family so the fact that I ain't allowed to wear one. I'll choose a nice sizzling hot long sleeveless rather than walk with a sleeveless top. I give a thumbs up for people who nailed it. 

So here's me visiting Carnaby Street wearing the lovely Asos mesh paris top that I adore and I just got this denim culottes from Asos too. Love to see this granny pants making a comeback, planning to expand my culottes trousers collection soon. 

(Asos 'Paris' mesh top, Rihanna x River Island shirt, Asos denim culottes, Office shoes, Alexander Wang Devere bag)

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24 Responses to “Casual Culottes on 24 degrees”

  1. I hope things get better for you. I also try to avoid wearing sleeveless,they make me uncomfortable.

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  2. super love your mesh top and bag kak! <3

  3. I love ur top dear, n maybe I will wear the black outer only with bustier top :D
    Nice mixing n unique with that pants :)

    followed you. follow me back if u love my blog dear

  4. lovin your blog more and more from each post!

  5. iya misi aku tuh nntn di sana lngsung.hahhaaha..nabung dl ya bo :'(

    great look btw, love ur top <3

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  6. aiiih love your top niss !! btw aku suka banget sama postingan yang sebelum ini feminin banget

  7. puasa disana pasti lebih banyak godaan ya kak :"D I love how you style the denim cullotes! i dont think i can pull off that look as great as you..and heart the paris top!

  8. Super swaaag top! Paris goes swag, love your outfit !

  9. Despite your 'gigantic body' and the fact that you can't wear sleeveless top for summer, you nailed your summer look, and the PARIS top is simply amazing!


  10. I ♥ your blog. You are amazing blogger :))
    Feel free to my blog:
    Kisses ♥

  11. Your shoes! aaa cool!
    btw i'm so sory for very late reply
    i bought the gloves from romwey dear :D


  12. really love how you styled the mesh top! and totally pulled of those culottes, very cool.


  13. Glasses are great. Follow each other?


  14. Great style!
    Great blog and I follow you via GFC. Hope you follow me back, it would be fantastic;)


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  15. nice casual outfit! i love your mesh top... :)

    Hei Echa!

  16. Amazing style... love your sunglasses... perfect! Check out my blog... and what do you think... do you wanna follow each other?

  17. Just discovered your blog through 1finedai, so inspired by your style!
    I'm also an Indonesian living in London hehe x

  18. Hey girl! :) your blog is absolutely fantastic, we are so glad we've found it :)

    Nice look.

    Would you like to follow each other? Just let us know ;)


  19. love your shirt <3<3

    instagram: @michelleothman

  20. I have the FADE Mesh Top from ASOS! Love your style! X



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