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Nothing seems to impress my adventurous sense in dark comedy movies except for one movie called "The Scarlet Empress". Tingling mysterious complexion of Marlene  Dietrich just had me to watch this movie over and over again. Loving the fact that it's all about history of a young germany princess called Sophia is taken to Rusia in order to marry a half-wit Grand duke peter, nephew of the Empress. Basically nor both parties agree to be bond together but since the Empress insisted, they must full fill their initial duties which is to deliver a male new born to the kingdom, whilst they succeeded in terms of producing a male born of questionable fatherhood (it is a mystery until now). Conflict, comedy and romance are what makes this movie's soo appealing and even thought you can imagine how 1934 movies qualities are but still it is worth to watch.  Inspired much by the gothic theme that the movie shown and all the dazzling costumes and jewellery sparks my interest in digging the internet to make a collages. You could all refer to my writing after you see the movies and believe me it still creeps me out whenever I see Grand duke Peter's glaring eyes. Definitely worth to watch for those of you who love a little bit of history and darkness.

Clockwise Direction:

Ancient Greek Sandals: Nephele Leather Sandals
Borsalino per Louisa Via Roma: Limited Edition Delvina hat
Valentino: Transparent Trench coat
Mary Katranzou: Goal Crash printed dress
Akong London: Multicolored brass and gold bracelet
Simon Cosac: Spices Candle
Bijoux De Famille: Pink Maharani leather and tin necklaces
Erdem: Anna Lace Dress
Chloe: Adeline heels
Valentino dress

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  3. seems that's a good movie, nice share!

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  5. kakak nya hipster bgt nonton nya begituan


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