UO marble arch opening

As an ode to my favourite store in the whole universe, I decided to attend the opening party of Urban outfitters brand new branches located in Marble Arch. It starts of by accident when I pass by Marble Arch and saw these huge UO coming soon, as a new blur Londoners I thought that what i was seeing is UO that located in Oxford Circus and Shanka told me it's not it's the new branch of it. A few days later on they send me the invitation letter which I previously signed up purposely to get the ticket. Disappointing enough when thought it suppose to be an exclusive event and turns out to be a massive market crowdedness. Indeed it is super hipster (talking about the vinyl set up) and love all the effort that they putting in, personal reason they gave me a super cute puppy keychain which I worship instantly as a reminiscent of my dying cat. Awesome shop defo, even though I left the store empty handed but it's a one time life experience ( duh, they won't be have an opening party again at the same store).

(Top shop Tee & Cake "creature" sweatshirt, Topshop white biker vest, Tailored shirt, DIY metallic skirt, Dr Martens boots, Margiela for H&M metallic candy wrapper clutch)

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13 Responses to “UO marble arch opening”

  1. Hitss!!
    Itu bikin rok metallic nya? Lucuuuuu

  2. Great blog and nice post ;) I will be here more often, I'm your new follower. Don't forget to visit my blog and page on fb too!

  3. I always want to get any invitation . But unfortuantely my country rarely held one for my area :( Amazing photos :)
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    Valentine Giveaway
    Aree With Umbrella

  4. You looked super gorg!!! anw I really wish UO opens a store in jkt..they got some really nice stuffs. and yes, very hipz!

  5. love your pics! new UO opening party? sounds so fun:)

  6. I've just realised that I've never been to an Urban Outfitters .....

  7. Honestly, your pics make it look a lot nicer than just hipster or whatever. The cross on the denim jacket is sooo pretty. And you look fabulous! :)

  8. Loovving this post aswelll! your really cool! haha



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