LFW x Louise Gray

Reporting live from the stage, not. I just came back from the famous public fashion show that they held constantly here in London, Somerset House sponsored by Vodafone provider called London fashion weekend. One word, sensational! I happen to realize that the official fashion show (talk about all those VIP guests) is called a 'fashion week' which makes it different than the public one. Right after my winter holiday I've been eye-ing this vital event, well of course I've discussed this with Shanka my lovely partner from the east first. In case of a sold out tickets I regularly check upon the official website and turned out to be Louise Gray the greatest will be showing off her spring collection just about the right time where I have a day off from college. Oh boy, I admit I'm one of Mrs Grey's biggest fan though a cheap sequin dress that i bought last year is the only possession that i had as a courtesy to her. Her flashy color combination, pattern clashing and bold accessories are the main attraction on all of her design.Isn't that a good thing? you've been given the opportunity to see your favourite designer, hear'em talk and see all the fabulous collection importantly. Indeed it's a little costly but totally worth a dime, and.. the only freebie that I got is a limited edition red nail polish from Vodafone for their user (hell yes, I'm a vodafoners). All the previous LFW participate designers have their own show room whereas you could buy their collection straight away and the good news is some of them are discounted too! what a lovely day too spend, wish it wasn't snowing I could've least put a smile on my face. OH! and I dyed my hair black just incase some of you wondering. 

(YSL white shirt, Topshop 'bang' T-shirt, Topshop pop art skirt, Asos red biker coat, Proenza Schouler 11, Topshop socks, Dr Marten red shoes)

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26 Responses to “LFW x Louise Gray”

  1. Loving your comic inspired outfit! That coat is to die for! xx


  2. Incredibly amazing!!
    Kayak mannequin nya topshop deh lo mak, kecee xxx

  3. I love your blog..
    i followed you..
    follow me back?

    X.O.X.O Merlyn


  4. Love the outfits!! Amazing colors!

  5. That outfit is so supa dupa fly!! I love the comic vibe! :) And you are so cute :3
    Following you ob GFC!
    x, Lara

  6. pop art skirt nya lucu bangeet >< love the flashy colors! it seems really exciting, wish i could go there...

  7. looking hot and sexy in red! love your fabulous coat so much :)

  8. red is a key of rad! coooooollllllll

  9. ugggg i am dying, totally LOVE this!
    that skirt is killer <3


  10. Great outfit!Nice pictures!
    Thank you for the nice comment on my blog!

  11. beautiful shoes, and even your entire look, it looks really good.
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    I'll leave my link http://annalisamasella.blogspot.it/
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  12. Such a bold.style. love it sooooo much.

  13. heiiiii...salam kenal, terimakasih untuk menyempatkan diri comment di blog aku, wuhuuuu...gaya kamu keren banget, sangat berani dan unik...kereen kereeen!:)

    maaf ya aku commentnya bhs.indonesia, aku tidak lancar berbahasa inggris...
    aku berharap lain kali kalau kamu menyempatkan diri lagi jalan2 ke blog aku, aku berharap kamu berkenan follow back aku, aku sudah follow blog kamu..
    sekali lagi terimakasih...
    senang berkenalan:D


  14. A-MA-ZING LFW outfit.

    My latest post ** Childhood Style Icons **
    Lots of love, M

  15. You look great!! Love it! And the show's great too!

    I am following you now on GFC and Bloglovin! Hope you follow me back :)

  16. great post, ans i love your blog and style.
    o follow you now,

  17. I swear your outfit screams RAD! You look stunning with that bold skirt and shirt! AND Your PS bag is to die for, I'm loving the colour!

  18. Honey, you are fabulous.
    Red is definitely your colour xx
    Let me know if you want to follow each other :)


  19. Such a cool outfit! Love your bag!
    Maybe you wan to follow each other? Check my blog and let me know! I would love it!

  20. oh my you look so bold in your outfit! and your skirt is freakin' awesome!


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