Reason to be merry part.1

Finally out from the coldness of United Kingdom into 34 degrees Indonesia is a relieved for me, though at the moment can't really wear my utterly cool outerwear that I just recently bought back in London. What a jetlag I've been experiencing in these past days, waking up at 2 am in the morning is so uncool and leave me with tiredness along the day (and of course I tuck into my bed early). Fortunate for this mini reunion in Kuala Lumpur three days ago with Shanka  and Dana, sharing stories and experience is one of an important part of our gathering. Nothing to do much really since KL just feels like our second home so the thought of coming back again is always been on my mind. Didn't really shop much too.. wait does 2 skirts considered as much? drooling over forever 21 discount made me throw my dollars for a yellow sheer skirt and a piece of Prada inspired striped bandage skirt. Oh didn't I tell you on how much I miss "Roti Milo" (Milo tissue bread) and all "mamak" (famous food stall in Malaysia) food! and  ending up ate all of the memorials meals that I used to have back in my high school days. Wait for the second part of this post coming!

(Thrifted jeans jacket, Unbranded chained T-shirt, River Island skirt, Alexa Mulberry, Jeffrey Campbell boots) 

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12 Responses to “Reason to be merry part.1”

  1. Ani, headernya bagus banget! Kreatif deh C:

  2. i love your jacket! <3<3
    are you on holiday?
    merry christmas btw~

  3. love your jacket and boots!
    and merry christmas!

  4. So vintage! really love your jacket ♥♥

  5. you look pretty ;)
    would you like to follow each other? :)

  6. bu kece banget bu..
    love your thrifted jacket!!!
    happy holidaaay :*

  7. waa i love your jacket <3 seems like the reunion was really fun!happy holiday and christmas eve kak :)

  8. trims ya mbak muka gw di foto lo bleh semua ,dan knp blog gw gak di tag aww cecih hahahaha

  9. Merry Christmas! I love that coat! :)

  10. Lovely outfit, I love your jacket :)


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