Horror 1999

I really fancy how Japanese gothic women dressed up with their black on black atire plus that captivating black coloured lipstick. Head down to the Carnaby street last time and found this 'Jewish' skirt from Monki in a good bargain tho I would definitely need it since it is so comfortable to wear (especially during this bloddy hell winter). My mixture of horror clothing slightly differ from those Japanese extremist and it is not my fully intention to wear black on black for the whole day, I edgy-ly combined them with tailored coat and boots to make a perfect distinguisher between what's goth and whats eclectic. Getting picked by people and stamped me as goth is so uncool and clearly i have made my self clear I'm a styler not some urban goth kids. Enough blabbering yesterday I was so fortunate to be able to see my friend crib which is oh so beautiful (what a kid). I nearly finished off her food stock, because I'm getting to comfortable i decided myself to gather my colleagues and eat out. One fancy hell of an evening plus it's my first time to be back home around almost midnight, creepy dope. 

(Topshop biker coat, Pug Sweater from etsy, Zara white shirt, Monki wool skirt, Dr. Martens boots, Pashli Philip Lim bag)

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10 Responses to “Horror 1999 ”

  1. You look amazing and chic as always. Love the sweater! x


  2. lovely shots! and i love how you combine those all black outfit!<3

  3. I love your bag!


  4. i love your sweater! you look amazing as always~ <3

  5. You have such a fashion sence my dear! I love this edgy style of yours. Keep it up!!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  6. People just don't understand that people can wear darker pieces without being a Goth. You look awesome xx


  7. wawawaw really like your biker jacket <3 nice one!

  8. I really love your look ^^ btw you have pretty eyes ^^


  9. i love your coat and Pashli dear! you look stunning as always xx

    Letters To Juliet


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