Few days to daisy duke summer dress

Whale whale whale, seems I've been slacking my job again. This time I feel bad neglecting both my blog and brand new tag pile of clothes to be un wear at the moment. You know well the reason, YUP it's the end of the semester all the final exams that i have to face are here and the sarcastically good part is almost every night snow has been rapidly falls and leave a wet, drenched and obviously icy cold in the next morning. As you can see here a layer piece of clothes wont work unless it's cashmere  and heck where all the money come from. I so can't wait to see and feel the sun which really what the sun does unlike here in London. 

Moving on to magazine via internet huh, the first thing that'll come up on your mind is NYLON bet ( accuse me from being so know it all). I'm excited to be invited to work on this new project, Dear! Its the first online girls zine from Indonesia for the entire Asian region, they dedicate only to Asian designers and artistes as their main coverage!. They're still working on their website but you could definitely sign up for their newsletter! don't you wanna be the first one who read a brand new concept of our local NYLON. Click on the first picture to go their site.

The super duper good news is they are bilingual both Indonesia and english, well yes it's exciting cause I can't even write all my tenses in a perfect maner. I can't tell you exactly what I'll be doing with them so keep a real lookout on their space and mine until they launch - i can tell you, very, very soon. Support their amazing concept of only showcasing everything Asian for Asian girls! 

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3 Responses to “Few days to daisy duke summer dress”

  1. This looks really interesting, i will sure check their lookbook, i want to see what u will do girl!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  2. Congratz on your new project ^^



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