Gloomy week

I had a really terrible incident happened to me for the past week and plus absolutely loaded works to do and finish. Things that cheered me up really is blogging and the way all people react differently about the style that I post. It really courage me to continue blogging and leave everything that has been bothering me. Oh well what can go wrong will go wrong eventually, to cheer  me up me and my dearest Jaan Shanka headed to the most versatile shopper paradise here in UK located in Bicester. Lucky devil brought me to Burberry and found the last piece (well, in my size) of my beautiful creeper Prorsum and DEDUCTED PRICE! holy cow, i gone mad and swipe my credit card in a jiff. Funny how the shop attendance warn me by saying "this shoes typically made for skinny blonde, be sure to get one number bigger than your size", creepy but it's true! my feet does hurt a lot when i try on the shoes which is on my actual size. Thank god again, there's still another bigger size for me. I have to familiarize my self again to walk on high heels, it's been a long time since prom lol.

What do you think of my new born baby?

(Camden boomber jacket, Topshop cat T-shirt, Taylor-ed white shirt, Topshop chunky necklace)

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7 Responses to “Gloomy week”

  1. Rasa-rasanya baru kemarin gue liat the-other-new-born-baby si JC itu. Sekarang ada lagi?!?
    OMG I think, you shop a lot, don't you hahaha
    Jangan gloomy gloomy doong! Semangaaat :*

  2. omgggggg it is indeed an amazing pair of creepers >_<
    love your cat tshirt and necklace!

  3. omg!!! they're rad! bet they'll look super good on you!
    can't wait to see you wearing them!!!
    your cat shirt and your necklace are to die for! seriously stop owning cool stuffs T___T

  4. I hope you are okay now! Those shoes are pretty sweet :)

    Angie (

  5. Such a lovely post, I like these pictures so much! :)

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  6. those shoes are nice! gosh I'm spazzing :D


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