Early Christmas

Not really my intention to wear all red attire seemingly to a christmas season that'll be coming up soon, but thats the only blazer that could perk up my outfit. Another day out with pals, visiting my favorite store called Monki in Carnaby street was such a horrifying thing (again) for my wallet. Not all high street brand store stocked up a bigger size than the regularly skinny figure but Monki does! with reasonable price of course. End up buying a cotton wool long skirt and i set, ready for winter. Terrified by the whole icy ground on the field when I walked down to campus and my minds telling me perhaps I should buy another winter gear (thought it was just a reason to shop in London) still this happy sad feeling came whenever I shop. Love all the lighting decoration that government of London putting to make the street more into christmasy, well it'll be a great end of year hopefully.

(Thrifted red wool blazer, H&M green sweater, Primark jeans shirt, River Island Glitter skirt, Miu Miu ss 11, Antyk boutique necklaces, Doc Martens red shoes)

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9 Responses to “Early Christmas”

  1. Major chic!
    Itu docnya merah? Kayak pink tapi. Keren Nis!!
    Turbannya beli di ambasador. Udah lama ituu :p

  2. loving the bright colors on you <3 especially the docmarts!


  3. Love your amazing outfit.*_*
    Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???
    My Blog

  4. love the way you matched them perfectly ♥
    anyway, where is it? :D

  5. love the colors combination! cool!
    xo, I

  6. Love Dr Martins!!!!!! Adorable!!! Would you like to follow each other? let me know or you can follow me and I will follow you back! xoxo


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