Small entitle reunion

Even though me and my central same race friends always, by means in this content is "always" reunited, drank cup of coffee, chill and shopping together but little part of me still missing Malaysia so bad. Thank god i could feel that feeling once again, last night my previous senior from high school held this mini Malaysia concert held in Imperial college london hall it was whole lot of reminisce. Although I didn't contribute at all, well I do by finishing those chocolate infront of the concierge but I definitely looking forward for the next event oh, and yeah contribute!. Talk about shopping in London, I enjoyably shop in Carnaby street instead of 24 hours crowded oxford street but thought the bargain in there's just like crazy! lucky you if you have either micro or gigantic shoe size, Office shop has your size available in a jiff and good prices for that. I found the blue faux mink fur on bargain in Monki shop which is oh so match with my whole entire outfit so i decided to snap it. Before, I had this shopping paranoia whereas I kept thinking to myself "where am i going to put this stuff if I buy" or "how am i suppose to take care of this crap" im so indecisive at first, hard to spend money on that kind of paranoia but which is pretty good darn thing so I could save up for my journey to Italy. I should write a review on how or what to buy when you're in overseas, stay tuned for that. 

(Monki blue hat,DIY collar shirt, Riverisland sweater, Topshop vest, Zara turquoise skirt, H&M wool stocking, Proenza Schouler 1 bag, Adidas highlighter sneakers, thrifted bracelet from Camden market)  

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9 Responses to “Small entitle reunion”

  1. Lovely photos dear!
    Have a nice Sunday!

  2. you look lovely! the color combo is lovely as well!
    asyik banget disana bisa layering kayak gitu, di indo layering kayak gitu bisa mandi keringet :(

  3. Agree with Gaby! You look amazing with all the pastels but the look is still edgy! Nice pop of neon kicks! xx

  4. aku malah kebalikannya,pgn bgt bisa layering! <3 disini pake maxi dress sm vest aja rasanya udah panas :") heart the vest too much!

  5. I follow you and I hope you will reciprocate...

  6. Love your bag!

  7. cute outfit! i like your bag, and the blue hat look super fluffy.
    i wanna wear thick coat and feel the fall and winter cold but too bad its always summer in sg!


  8. Ahhh loving the handbag so unique and delicious looking! i enjoy your fun styling so much! HIMandHERproject


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