Camden hash tag Covent garden

As i promise to you all last week, here's my daily report for week two residing London or to be exact in central London. Honestly I'm still remarkably sick at high street brand that were spreading all over London and everyone was wearing the exact dress that you bought in H&M for a mere 29 pound, lives frustrating sometimes. My eager ambition to posses PS11 (Proenza Schouler) has finally come true! thought I would prefer navy blue color instead of brown but who cares! it's still proenza! the only item that Liberty got at the moment. Heading towards Covent garden to see Opening ceremony flagship store in London. Well I'm probably 3 days late for the opening of temporary opening ceremony store (confusing naming) but still dangily awesome and pretty being a money break outs so probably if your loaded enough perhaps you could 'charity' it at this shop and bring awesome goodies you couldn't find in an ordinary flagship store. The store was as awesome as I get someone noticing my bag and tell how cool it is. Worthed, I'll come back for sure. Raging Camden for the second time, choosing a bad timing and wrong prediction of the weather has made me bought a boomber jacket (too cold for vest timing uh) and I just hate being in crowds sometimes. 


(16DS white shirt, vintage Michael Simon New York 'ghost' cardigan, H&M knitted aztec legging, New look suede boots, Proenza Schouler 1)

(Tosavica symmetrical shirt, H&M DIY leather vest,  Top shop leather skirt, New look boots, Proenza Schouler 1)

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11 Responses to “Camden hash tag Covent garden”

  1. i love the color of your ps11 >_<

  2. whoaaa Nissaa Im craving for London!!!

  3. great blog! i love it..!
    if you have time you can visit my blog..
    and i'll be happy if we'll follow each other ?

  4. jadi skrg km udah pindah waaa.. semangat ya dear disana! luck for everythings.
    and pasti kamu harus sering" post foto outfit km+ tempat" keren :D
    km jg punya insta? namanya apa? biar ku follow..

  5. I love your outfits! Opening Ceremony is awesome, I need to get myself there soon!

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  7. so cool.. love yoyr look!
    following you now <3


  8. awesome places!
    and i love the color of your lips!!

  9. what an amazing place to be! wanna go there! love!!!!


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