80's Raveyard at Goodsdept

This raveyard terminology that I created was basically for people who still wanna rave the party yet epic-ly occult in their look. Despite all black and white color, I furiously love neon color that's why this and per say my last event in Jakarta before departing has brought pretty much good theme for such indie junkie. You could guess well, it is 80's. Calling up my friend and gathering them was a huge task to accomplish since they've start their university. This time BNI as known as Bank negara indonesia (local community bank services) has become one of Goodsdept liable sponsor, guess for the event only? Pretty smoothly perhaps destined as well, my model slash apprentice of mine Ajeng brought along her card and well yeay! free entry for 3 person! not to mention the drooling jaw dropping sale that they offer inside the store. What I reckon, I know Indonesian really are a good mingler but puhlease it's a shopping event! you dont just stand outside have a fag and drink what a waste. I support Indonesian designer, seriously. Next time make a bigger size will ya.  

(Unbranded stripe shirt, Asos yellow printed denim, DIY chocker, Louis vuitton x Steven sprouse speedy bag, Unbranded suede heels)

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5 Responses to “80's Raveyard at Goodsdept”

  1. i loveeeee your pants! so cute :D


  2. you were at goods dept last night? omg i was there tooo...
    kok gak ketemu? :(

  3. nice pants! love it so much <3


  4. love the floral pants kak! <3 you're going to london?aww you should post your trip there ^^


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