Nostalgically nostalgic part 1

Fortunate to be a part of Malaysian tourist again after graduating is really flatter me a lot. My thought were filling up with the fact that it'll kinda hard for me to reach Malaysia again since i'll be spend most of my time further than where i'am right now, silliest sadness ever. Well of course it was a pleasure for me still to fill up my weekend back in Malaysia with pals and lads although merely less crowd compare to last time. Staying back in Bukit Bintang hotel called Taiichi or i could say bed and breakfast type of accommodation. I didn't really manage to pull out lots of budget so I ending up short of semi-miserable in Malaysia but hey! it's still pretty good for a backpackers!. Spend most of my evening in Pavillion mall accompanied by lovely Shanka and visited my old school of course, Hallelujah-ing when she agreed to be my partner for the 4 days 3 nights trip. I tasted bens restaurant for plenty times they were still pretty bad ass on making those pastas and the cake! god how i love devil's food so bad ( ok, how ironic). Went for 4 hours karaoke session in Red Box Lowyat Plaza, I must confidently stated that I LOVE KARAOKE! and so far Malaysia has the best karaoke in my opinion. Pretty love the ambient, food, playlist and the most important is the price of course!. You could sing till you choke for only around RM 28 (weekdays) inclusive buffet and 2 complimentary drinks, what a short of heaven break. 

(Vintage leather jacket, Suzanna T shirt, Top Shop skirt, Top Shop necklace, Top shop chain belt, Chloe Paraty bag, Doc martens boots)

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6 Responses to “Nostalgically nostalgic part 1”

  1. OMGGGG love the ring and docmarts!!!! xx

  2. you are absolutelty stunning!!! sampe bapa" dikereta ga berenti liat km pasti itu nissaa :D
    head to toe really great.

  3. omg!!!! suka banget cincinnya sama tshirtnya!!!! <333

    btw, iya nih, sepatunya sama hehehe mostly i bought 'em online ;D

  4. stunning necklace!
    Annissa, Ive just nominated you on The Liebster Award.
    Join this! its gonna be fun :p
    check out my blog for the rules..


  5. I love karaoke, chocolate cake and your red lipstick!


  6. These photos look great! u look gorgeous
    i love paraty chloe bag!!! i really wanna buy it

    xoxo, Eliza
    Bread and Butter


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