Gold accent arm candies

Well definitely not only arm tho. These genius has one of a kind eyes stopper heart pumpin feeling goodies just by glance. Thank god someone brought the topic of gold accent suit your best style by day and night ( I don't remember who, dang it) coincidence again! the website it self come to me and say "hey, perhaps you'll like what we have". Didn't really buy me at first but curiosity kills cat I checked them online, and WOW now I'm happily stated with no regret that all the stuff in there are TRULLY drool dropping. I always thought my self that all online shop was utterly expensive for things like friendship bracelet and cheap metal made necklaces, fret no more... shop prices range are between $0.99-$20 seriously what's the big deal for a students with no ride back home, referring to myself in here no offense. Super easy payment, no blah or hassle, oh boy wish I could re-activate my Paypal soon so i could purchase those jaw dropping knuckle rings. GOOD and congratulation you've read this post so now you can have yourself dressed up like a little korean with doze of british influence back in your hometown and brag about it cause no one else couldn't get it cheap while you get it hot ( what the heck am i talking about) the fact it is! cheap, chic, sleek and long lasting are my current shopping moto again.. chinese-appareal shop has it all... and I seriously need to re-activate my Paypal account.

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7 Responses to “Gold accent arm candies ”

  1. they are really pretty but seem so inconvenient! really love the necklace, though!


  2. Love them all, I wish I can buy all of them :P
    Nice blog btw :)

    Fahmy Haryandi, "The Whisperer"

  3. damn! love the triangle necklace...
    following u now :)

  4. Love the necklace


  5. Love the triangle necklace! Looks amazing!

    Chloe from ♥ LAVISH RABBIT
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