Ease to Bandung

Nothing ever compare to an ease from holiday boredom by escaping from Jakarta traffic to another traffic-ally city called Bandung actually not so crowded as compare to weekend (was terrifically horrible). Yup, father has been so generously letting me off from Jakarta  to Bandung by local transportation. In fully reason to update my blog and pampering my tongue with Bandung cuisine so I decided to go to Bandung with my ever lovely assistant and booked 8 am travel car. I was so indecisive at first thought my parents wont let me stay over more than 2 night, instead i manage to booked a night but.. after seeing the beauty of the hotel and SUPER NICE hotel assistant (i guess the owner built their own human labour) oh, forgot to mention where i was staying at it's called Padhma Hotel, of course i let my parents know that I'm having an extra night to spend.. jeezz. As usual I don't heck know where is that but with the help of my lovely Bandung tour guide finally my first step was magically perfect and right. Eat right, sleep right, rest right and shop right are my travelling motto and Padhma hotel has it all, thumbs up with the over all services and oh 90 gourmet restaurant really has some serious concept in there.. all looks perfectly fine. So here i am reporting live from jakarta, it's bandung day 1 and day 2 pictures compilation, enjoy...

(Top shop leather vest, Actual pain sweater, Mark & Spencer legging, Underground creeper)

(vintage denim jacket, Unbranded unicorn swim top, DIY tutu skirt, Underground creeper)

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16 Responses to “Ease to Bandung”

  1. Anisaa keren sekali!!!
    Love your entire outfit, especially those creepers


  2. Love the pictures, great outfit and fabulous bag!


    Leopard and Lillies

  3. lovely pics! come and check out my blog. maybe we can follow each other :) http://marschristie.blogspot.com/

  4. interesting post!great pictures!

  5. Nice post! :)

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    xoxo, Minna

  6. omg i love you creepers too much <3 followed you right away!

  7. wow you visited bandung!! my city! :D
    i loveee your outfits and the accessories match them well ;)
    i want to steal your denim jacket! xP

    btw, thanks for following, hun.. i am already following you too.
    keep in touch..



  8. Fabulous style & pics! Thanks for the love at my blog. Following you via Blogloving' & GFC! :)

    Please take a moment to visit the LAVISH RABBIT facebook page! There's a free giveaway event! ♥


  9. You have such a nice blog! I love all the pictures :)
    Would you like to follow each other?


  10. aa kamu ke bandunngg next time klo bdg lg contact" aku :)and lets we meet there. padhma emang bagus bgtt gorgeous outfit always :* kamu harus berkunjung ke byk tmpt di bdg hehehe

  11. Pretty pictures! I can't stop staring!


  12. Very impressive pictures!

    Would you like to follow each other? :)
    I'm already following you. Please follow me back! :)


  13. lovely your necklace and your bag :)

    Would you like to follow each other? :)
    I'm already following you. Please follow me back! :)


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